Cee’s Which Way Photo Challenge – September 14, 2016

All things considered, there really aren’t so many “ways” around here. Towns are small and roads are two lanes, one in each direction. And those are the main roads. The side roads are those country roads where one car has to move all the way to the edge so the other can pass.





The roads may be small, but that has not reduced the number of cars people have. In fact, each year, everyone accumulates more cars. Where teenagers used to share a family car, now each kid has their own vehicle and it’s not unusual for them all to be driving at the same time.

And this one, from Garry ...
And this one, from Garry …
Another from Garry with someone in the foreground …

So we have quite a lot of traffic on our tiny roads. The number of people who live in our towns has not increased and in many towns, has decreased … but there are lots more cars!

Cee which way photo challenge

23 thoughts on “WHICH WAY? IT’S A SMALL TOWN!”

  1. Geez, when I was growing up (which wasn’t all THAT long ago), we could only afford one car. Mom and Dad shared, mainly driving each other to work and busing us kids around. By the time we came of driving age, a second car became a reality, but then I had to share it with my sisters which generally meant I didn’t get to drive at all! When I hear of kids getting brand new cars for their 16th birthdays, I just wanna smack someone…

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    1. Although not every kid gets a new car, it seems like pretty much every kid who has a license has some kind of car, even if it’s old. It’s terrible for the air, roads, etc. But it seems to be universal these days. As for new, our new car is 4 years old. We only bought it because the cruiser was dying of unknown electrical problems … and we needed a 4WD vehicle. Too many days unable to get out of our own driveway.


  2. It cannot be smaller than our village, and there is always something to take a photo of somewhere. It looks a very nice town, with interesting people. A lady with a camera around her neck taking photos and the same lady with a spring in her step walking past an interesting bridge. Not to mention the man standing on a bridge taking a photo. The people in your town really love taking photos, but there are some lovely places for the photos.

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    1. I think we take more pictures than the entire rest of the town combined 🙂 And we are always trying to sneak up on each other with the cameras. I try not to look because as soon as I realize Garry’s taking my picture, I get self-conscious and don’t know what to do with my hands and feet.

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        1. Garry likes taking pictures of people, even strangers, but sneaking up on me is definitely his specialty. Though usually not in the grocery store. He favors outdoor settings, especially bridges. And I move slowly, so I’m pretty easy to catch.


    1. Thanks, Cee. Garry is very sneaky. I look up and there’s a camera pointing at me. But I’m sneaky too 🙂 Just as well because both of us are bad about posing for pictures. The best ones are caught when we aren’t aware they’re being taken. Maybe that’s true for everyone?


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