Just about 8 weeks ago, The Daily Post’s “word du jour” was “frail,” I wrote about it. Today, the word is “fragile.” Call me crazy, but the two are pretty much the same.

English contains millions of words. So you guys and gals in the “Daily Post” central office? I’m pretty sure that there’s no reason to duplicate one-word prompts. Grab a dictionary. Plunk it on the desk. Let it fall open to any page. Avert your eyes and blindly point a finger. Voila! A word will pop out and will probably not be a synonym of the word you used a few weeks ago. Just saying.

If you do not own a dictionary, consider buying one. Even two.

This hideous election year keeps slouching towards the edge of the cliff. We’re getting mentally numb. Exhausted by hot air and endless meaningless rhetoric. Personally, I feel like I’ve gone to some weird parallel earth where it looks like home, but all the rules are different.

Watching the American political system blow itself up long since stopped being amusing.

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The awful truth of Trump is that his followers are not following him. They are following the idea of what they think he represents. It is, to say the least, a bizarre choice to be a representative of “the little guy” in our political structure. This is why they don’t care about “fact” and figures. They really don’t care whether or not he has been stealing from everybody to make himself richer or lying about everything to make himself someone he most assuredly is not.

Donald Trump (Orange Head to my husband) has never missed a meal. Never even had the experience of living on a budget, much less being poor. He knows no history (or grammar) (or arithmetic). He has never performed any public service. He doesn’t see the difference between “fact” and “I made it up.” He doesn’t consider “not telling the truth” to be lying because to him, words are just noises you make with your mouth.

To me this behavior signifies he believes in nothing. A man completely without principles. A racist because why not? He doesn’t care. It doesn’t matter to him because other people are unreal puppets. We do not matter.

Meanwhile, Hillary Clinton has run a lackluster campaign. I like her. A lot. But she has made one unfortunate choice after another. Her discomfort in revealing personal information borders on a phobia. If she weren’t running for president, it would be understandable, normal, and maybe even admirable.

Not today. Politics in the 2000s is trench warfare, not intelligent debate.

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As for truth? Politicians lie. Big lies, little lies. Hillary dodges around truths she find uncomfortable, but I doubt Trump would recognize truth if it whacked him on the head.

As a nation, we are fragile. The things we have always stood for are at risk. Freedom is the most fragile, the most ephemeral thing. You won’t realize how much it meant until you lose it.


The current focus on personalities rather than issues makes it impossible to focus on stuff like climate change. Finding viable alternatives to fossil fuel. Keeping what’s left of our air and water breathable. Narrowing the gap between the rich and the poor. Dealing with crumbling infrastructure — not just in cities. Everywhere. Roads, rails, and bridges are crumbling. We need to invest and repair the broken bits while it’s still repairable.

We need a sleeker, user-friendly health care system where drug companies don’t have the power of life and death. Ultimately, our government needs to protect all of us. Equally. To balance security against freedom.

None of these are small issues. There are no easy fixes. Nothing will get fixed — by either party — until we have a government that recognized we are on the same side. We will, as they used to say in a wilder west, hang together — or we will hang separately.

How fragile are we? It’s just the future of the world at stake. No worries, mate.


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  1. Watching from afar is very, very sad as well as frightening. It’s as if there are two Americas – the one Americans live in and a rarefied bubble of elitism containing politicians and the power of big-money lobbyists. it looked from here as if Obama tried to bridge the gap and was sabotaged by the elitists’ determined self-interest. Trump reminds me of Hitler: tap into people’s fears, disenchantments and ‘patriotism’ and you can have them believing your promise of salvation, however illogical and bloodthirsty.

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    • The divide has been growing since the country was founded. It has never been fully addressed. What’s frightening and more than a bit scary is that there has been so much anger, resentment, and hatred hiding in the shadows. So now it’s out in the open. What will we do about it? That’s the real question. Who wins the election is a big deal, but what we all do as a nation is the bigger deal and I have no idea what — if anything — will be done to bridge the gap. Look at what’s going on in the U.K. After all these years … centuries … the social divide is still enormous. The human race is very messy.


      • I am open mouthed at the amount a candidate needs to run a campaign with any hope of success (an average of $10 million for a senate seat? Almost $30 million in California?) In the face of that sort of money controlling the normal legislative process, can the people as a nation do anything? Short of a revolution…


    • Helen, that’s it exactly. Trump Talks are tailored to his audience of the moment, not to any preplanned agenda. He’s good at that, but it’s terrifying to see him read a crowd and shift horses in mid sentence when he senses things are not going well. He’s a master at it. That and repetition. repetition. Repetition. Hammer it home. Hammer it home so hard and deep no one, I mean no one, can mistake what he said for anything else. He also reminds me of an old Warner Brothers cartoon character, Foghorn Leghorn, who was the consumate rooster politician. If you’ve never seen him, the WB cartoons are on YouTube…

      And I agree, I think Obama got blindsided, sadly. And deliberately. Throw in innuendoes about his birth certificate, his funny name, his spurious links to muslims (which is sooo bizarre to hear) and you would think he was running for president himself…


  2. like everyone else, we’ve been bombarded with political stuff, mail and phone. I finally gave in last night to one pollster, and we ended up having a fairly good laugh about the whole thing. She was obviously older than the kids they usually have, and was presenting one of those interminable surveys. At one point she said, if the election were to be held tomorrow, who would you vote for? And I said, The Cat in the Hat and we both went into hysterics. She said, Im not supposed to take sides, but I have to agree.

    Hillary is undermining any credibility she may have had with this “I’m tough and I can take it” attitude about her health, and if she doesnt realize that when you play politics you’re down in the muck with everyone, not risen above it, then she’s in deep er. trouble. And by doing this about what she is claiming is dehydration, for me at least it raises serious doubts about what else she might be trying to keep hidden, health wise.

    My husband and I were talking about this last night, and I said, if Hillary were to drop dead the day before the election, who runs in her place? What’s his name? or Bernie? That could be a very real consideration…

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    • I am very disappointed in Hillary. I’m even MORE disappointed in Americans as a people. Hillary knows better. It’s not like she hasn’t been in the trenches before, so she’s just being obtuse and stubborn. Like Dukakis. Like Kerry. Like so many losers before her who lost because they decided they were going to do it their way. You know, the way that doesn’t work and winds up with you losing the election and dragging the country with you. I’m beyond frustrated. I’m not even angry. Just upset, and ready to pack it in and hope it isn’t as awful as I think it’s going to be.

      I should add that either candidate could drop dead tomorrow. They could be shot, have a stroke, a heart attack. Be hit by a runaway beer truck. That’s a chance we always take and why we are supposed to take great care in choosing VPs. But of course, everyone thinks he/she will live forever.

      Hillary is actually following in the long tradition of the Democratic Party, famed for shooting itself in the foot and snatching defeat from the jaws of victory. We know how to pick’em.


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    • I have a friend who is going to vote for a dead Pol.

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      • My husband is becoming soooo politically hidebound, I told him I might even vote for Ben Carson and all he could say was, “you’re wasting your vote”. Hey. It’s my vote.I feel if I voted for either of The Others I’d be wasting it on someone I hated, since the two are about equal on the Appal Meter right now. so why not Ben Carson. At least he looks normal. The other two are scary.

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  3. I thoroughly enjoyed reading your post! It’s so well-stated and really captures what’s going on. Thanks for posting!

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  4. It is fascinating watching your election from afar. We have our local body elections next month – very small scale compared to yours. We have a mayor that is somewhat similar to orange head. We want him gone, he says he won’t stand again but guess what he does – stands again. But the water crises might be the end of him. I hope so. And he, like orange head is more concerned about himself and his legacy. Never mind the fact he is rather umpopular. Very unpopular in my corner of the world.


    • Unpopular they may be yet somehow, they keep getting elected. How does this happen? Do all the sane people not bother to vote? Or is fate on the side of insanity? I don’t know. Truly, it makes NO sense to me at all!

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  5. No real comment of any meaning from me. I have given up, do not understand what is really going on over the pond and I think it is better when I do not understand it. Che sara sara and nothing will change it. One day Mr. Swiss tells me Hilary is in the lead, the next day looks like orange head might win. One big up and down. Blame it all on George Washington and winning the war. It would be so much easier if he had lost, then you would have a queen and her family. Prime Ministers come and go when they do not get their own way.

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    • None of us understands anything. It gives me a migraine thinking about it. If I actually write about it, my head hurts so much that I have to hide for the rest of the day. It’s at times like this I wish I had better drugs or at least were a drinker (I’m not). What with Brexit and all, I think EVERYONE is insane. We can run, but we cannot hide.


  6. We definitely need to clean up our act. I can sense the tension.

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  7. I can’t bear it any more and just want November to get here. Also, I would like to see LOUD pitches from the Dems on behalf of those running lower on the ticket. We could paralyze the douche bag just as the repubs (attempted? succeeded?) paralyzed Obama. Hillary ought to be playing to win, but she isn’t. Stupid cow. I told her, too! 😉

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    • I can’t help but agree with you. I remember when Michael Dukakis was running. Garry knew him pretty well for a long time. And along with almost everyone else, was telling him he needed to REALLY RUN as if he meant it. He never got it and of course, he lost big. We met him at a party a couple of years later and he admitted he was totally overwhelmed by the scrutiny, the invasion of privacy, all that attention and he wasn’t ready for it. Was ill-equipped to deal with it. He’d been a political animal his whole life, yet the run for president paralyzed him.

      Hillary should certainly have known … after two runs for the presidency with Bill and all those run for governor in Arkansas. But she does remind me of Dukakis. She thinks she can be ‘above it.’ NO ONE can be above it and get elected. That has always been true, from John Adams onward. Washington got to be above it — at least the first term when he was selected not elected — but they went after him tooth and fang in the press once he was in office.

      I have a permanent migraine and I’m weary. Maybe self-destruction is simply our national destiny. Maybe there’s no accounting for or stopping the march of utter stupidity. I do my bit, which is little enough. Too little, I’m sure.

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    • “Orange Head – An American Douche Bag Tragedy” …….starring Johnny Depp and directed by Oliver Stone.

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