Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Purples


Lilacs are my favorite spring blossom. They bloom on my son’s birthday, usually. And they smell like heaven.


fuchsia macro purple

When fuchsia is purple, it doesn’t mess around. It’s seriously purple!


Uncut, polished amethyst

10 thoughts on “ROYAL PURPLE”

    1. Yes. Mine are not doing so well now. We had a huge, old one that towered over the backyard in an arch, but it broke into pieces during one of the big winter blizzards a couple of years ago. It has come back partially, but it’s not the same. At least it is still blooming. But you are right, usually, it’s just a week, tops. Then they are gone again for the year. It’s supposed to be good luck to have a lilac by the kitchen window.


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