Unrelated, opposite, or the number two.

I didn’t have any pictures of the number two … and I realized, after poking through my folders, I almost never take pictures with two subjects unless they are related. This was as close as I could get.  A little house with a big boat in its driveway. Related, but mostly by ownership … and proximity. Without proximity, how could I get both items in a single photograph?


And this one from Garry seems àpropos — the powerboat passing the anchored sailboat. A parable of modern-day sailing?


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  1. Great photos Marilyn and Garry for this week’s two challenge. 😀


  2. The house and the boat are the land and sea. Nice photos for it.


  3. I think the house and boat are a perfect choice. Love all those trees in the background


  4. This was not an easy one to do, but you made a good choice. I think Cape Cod is one of the places I would love to visit in the states, it somehow appeals to me – a little on the wild side and mysterious. Gary caught the movement of the waves very well on his photo.


    • The entire shore area from the mid-Atlantic states (New Jersey, New York) through New England (Connecticut, New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, and Maine)(Vermont isn’t coastal) have beautiful beaches. My personal favorite beaches are in coastal Maine. All gems. For swimming, New Jersey and New York have warmer water and better waves, but for gorgeous, New England wins. And then there are the islands along the shore — Martha’s Vineyard (our favorite), Nantucket, and Block Island. All absolutely wonderful … they are worlds unto themselves. We used to spend our off-time on Martha’s Vineyard for many years until we moved here and couldn’t afford it any more. But it’s still wonderful. Maybe the best. But it’s not a day trip. It’s a place to go, stay and just relax. Two weeks on the vineyard and you don’t remember what you might have been worried about. The only thing wrong with Cape Cod is that is is VERY touristy in season. Crowded. Like your Brighton in England. Too popular for its own good.


  5. The house almost meets the criterion by itself with its two almost identical sides!


    • It’s a classic Cape Cod. Unless they’re expanded, they all look exactly the same. You can’t even tell when they were built. New and old ones are the same design. Oddly, I have never lived in one, even though they are the most common style of house in the northeast 😁

      But this one is old. You can tell by the door.


  6. And the house has that quality as well.


  7. I think the house and boat picture is a perfect response to the prompt. Great photo as well. I like the illusion that the boat is floating in air.


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