Black & White Sunday: Layers

This is one of those prompts that I find complicated because it’s so simple. It mean so many things and can be interpreted in many ways. I love Paula’s photograph showing layers of history. Lacking layers of history, here are two photographs, the first from me, the second from Garry:


Through the arch passing under Boston’s Statehouse


Through the fence to the iron cowboy in Arizona


    • That was a funny little shopping mall, done up as a sort of “cowboy village.” Except the cowboy was iron. There were a few different versions of him, too. Sitting on the fence, holding his horse … and on a horse. They had a great Native American Arts store which is where I got my jewelry. Nice selection and since it was off-season, big discounts. And surprisingly good photos ops.

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  1. You are right….it can mean so many things and at the same time be interpreted in so many ways.
    Great pictures, by the way. Having lived in Arizona many years ago, I would have to say I love that picture best.


    • It was our second trip to Arizona — and I hope there will be a third. I would love to live there in the winter, but here the rest of the year. I can live without super-heated summers, but it’s such a beautiful area with wonderfully varied topography. I never knew I could really love cactus that much!

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  3. This is cool, both of them. I wonder what they look like in colour, but here one can really focus on different layers – in your photo more than in Garry’s. You show more depth, or it is simply the arch that makes this illusion. Beautiful, fun response, Marilyn. Thank you.


    • I was shooting from pretty far away with a really long lens, extended. Garry was shooting from a lot closer with a relatively short lens at wide angle. Also, I think probably my lens is a bit better. He shoots entirely with a tiny Pentax Q7. It is a great little camera, but it has limits. I do have color versions of mine (though I think the monochrome is more effective), but Garry’s I liked in black & white from the beginning, so I never did a color version.

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