It’s raining. Not heavily. Not enough to make up for all the dry months this spring and summer.

It’s exactly enough to make the dogs unhappy. Our dogs — Gibbs and Bonnie — and for that matter, almost all the dogs who have gone before them (with a few notable exceptions) do not, did not, like rain. More accurately, going outside when it’s raining.

To sleep perchance to dream

I don’t understand their aversion to rain, especially in view of their fondness for pretty much anything else the weather can throw at us. They like dirt, they like digging in mud. Gibbs thinks paddling in his water bowl is an Olympic sport. Yet, irrational or not, they don’t like rain.

Snow? Not a problem. It can be blowing a full blizzard and they’ll go out to play.

Rain? No way, mom. We are not going out there. Yuck.


Why? You’d have to ask them. What it means to me, is unless I get up and tell them to go out, then make them stay out long enough to “do something,” they will leave me pools and piles right in front of the doggy door. They get there, stick their little heads out, realize it’s raining and that’s as far as they go, unless I exert my authority. They’re sure that wet stuff falling from the sky is my fault and I should make it stop. Since it always stops … eventually … I guess it proves them right.

I was up at 5. I was up at 6:30. At 8. At 9, the phone began to ring. I have it set to silent nights, but my phone’s programming is inflexible on the definition of “night.” Night ends at 9 in the morning. Short of turning off the ringer completely, 10PM to 9AM are the maximum number of hours for which I can prevent it from ringing. It’s got such a raucous ringtone and is so near my head when I’m in bed, there’s no ignoring it.


Between 9 in the morning and 11 when I reluctantly got up for the day, the phone rang six times. One-two-three-four-five-six. Garry has a cold, so he’s staying in bed as long as possible. It was raining. I had nothing planned. There was no reason on earth for me to get up early …

I don’t remember the details of each call, but none of them were personal or relevant. One was a bill collector for someone who hasn’t lived here for years. I would have told them to stop calling me (they call dozens of times a week), but it’s a recorded message so there’s no one to talk to. The next one, though, was someone trying to sell me an extended warranty on a car we sold a couple of year ago. She was a live human person, so I could say “Sold it, go away. Don’t call again.” Click. (Someone else from the same company called later anyway. So much for getting them to stop calling me.)72-Phones_04

One of the subsequent calls was a recorded message assuring me I’d won a long weekend in Bermuda if only I would agree to participate in their survey. No idea what kind of survey it was, but I don’t participate in surveys. All they really want is personal information they can use to target you for further phone calls.

It was a recording, but they left a pause during which you could say “NO!!” and I did. I swear the recorded messenger was baffled why I wouldn’t want a FREE VACATION IN BERMUDA. Right. There’ll be a real free vacation when pigs have wings. The recording said “You really don’t want a free vacation? You said ‘No?”

“NO” I yelled into the phone. Again. Then, I clicked off. I miss the days when you could slam the phone into the cradle. Pressing off is not nearly as satisfying.

I’m pretty sure the pace of these calls has recently picked up. There seems to be no way to dump them because most of the time, there’s nobody on the other end of the line. I am being hounded by robots.

Of course by then, I was up for the day. The phone only rang once more. The same company trying to sell me an extended warranty on a car I no longer own, and another call trying to collect money from that same former tenant.

It’s a conspiracy. It’s the only possible explanation. Unless you have a better one?

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  1. I realized just how much my phone rings during the day while I was off last week… I swear between 8 AM and 8 PM I must have gotten at least one call an hour. I never answer anything I don’t recognize on the Caller ID, but I’ve heard the voice mail messages before, and they sound much like your people… bill collectors for people who used to be connected to this address, scam artists trying to sell you crap you don’t need, scam artists trying to collect for charities (Some epilepsy foundation must REALLY want my money to cal me almost every day), and of course this time of the year… political pitches and surveys. This is why the phone is one the opposite side of the house from me when I have to sleep during the day, otherwise I wouldn’t just hammer the “Off” button, I’d throw the damn thing right out my window…

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    • It just keeps getting worse, too. You don’t answer so they call you TWICE as often. I’m not sure what, if anything they are trying to accomplish, but so much of this is done by robots and robots are programmed to do what they do. I can really see why people turn their phones off completely. I always turn the cell off unless we are on the road or away from home. I may just turn EVERYTHING off. Become a hermit.

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  2. You can tell how bad the times are by all the fraudulent activity there is. If there isn’t an honest job out there, people will find a way to part others from their money.


    • I couldn’t do that. I’d probably starve first. Hell, I HAVE starved first.

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      • Marilyn, you would never starve. You have enough friends and family that you’d help each other.

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        • That was true, once. These days, many friends and most family are gone. The older you get, the smaller the circle becomes. It’s one of these realities none of us want to face. The entire generation that was my mother’s family are passed on. ALL of them. In my generation, there were never that many of us and I don’t know most of them because they live far away and there have been no events to bring us together. So in reality, that’s not quite true. Garry is in the same position as he is now the oldest living family member. The older we get, the fewer friends and family remain. That’s not self-pity. That’s just the way it is.

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  3. Cool dolls on the shelf.


  4. In my experience cats (and probably also dogs) prefer water that has already taken a place on the ground level. It is settled, and has none of natures surprises. However, that what is still falling from above is not to be strusted, it is suspicious. I think that is the solution of the canine/feline water problems.
    I love my bed and it loves me, but my alarm has a different opinion. My telephone never really rings for anything, I get messages on the Facebook, probably because most of my callers would be long distance and they can pay for it. My telephone tells me to go to the doctor, that I have to take a medicine, and someone, somewhere, in the cyber world likes me and my comments.

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    • I wouldn’t mind if the calls were from people, but they are from scammers and survey takers and other peoples’ bill collectors. And they are RECORDED so there isn’t even any satisfaction in yelling at them. I don’t know where they get the number since it’s unlisted, but somehow, they get it. I get plenty of junk email too, but filters usually knock it out of the inbox before I have to look at it. Well, at least the snail mail is relatively junk free these days. Other than a few catalogs and magazines (that remarkably, I actually WANT), there are just reminders — usually from doctors and dentists, and summaries from social security which I scan, nod, and toss into the trash. I know there are laws about what they must tell us, but ye gads, they generate tons of paper waste every year. I think they slay whole forests to tell us what we already know.

      I think the thing I find the MOST annoying is that they call early in the day when I’m either busy or sleeping, depending, AND they are recorded messages. Being constantly attacked by robot phone calls is really a pain in the butt.


  5. I put my mobile on silent until I get up and I’m lucky with my landline. Most companies respect the Telephone Preference Service opt-out, and those that don’t are too scared to call at nasty hours of the day due to the massive fines they keep getting hit with (people are more likely to report them for cold-calling if they get woken up I guess!) 🙂


    • We have an opt-out service too, but it’s a toothless law … and these companies never use the same cover ID or phone number twice, so it’s almost impossible to report them. Sometimes, the calls come in and caller ID shows MY number as the caller — which is a red alert for me because there’s no legal way they can do that. I don’t know how they get my number. It’s a VOIP number, but I suppose it’s on enough data-mining lists that there’s nothing I could do but change phone numbers. Which I may eventually be forced to do. We’re running up to Christmas, so the grafters and sales people are going into high gear. Does anyone REALLY buy stuff from telephone scammers? Doesn’t everyone know better by now?

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  6. I have but two words to this great post: “Sounds famialiar.”


    • When we were visiting our friend in Arizona, I was appalled to realize he actually got MORE of these calls than I do. I didn’t think it was possible. These groups have gotten very technically savvy, so they don’t use their own phone numbers of caller ID information at all and never the same numbers or ID twice. If you try calling the numbers back, there’s no one there. If we can invent virtual reality, we need to stop, take a breath, and invent something to track down and stop these calls. I’m sure we could do it, but maybe there’s not enough money in stopping them and so many people apparently make money doing this crap.


  7. What I don’t understand about dogs and rain is why I am looked at as some kind of monster who should be reported to the RSPCA if I open the door to the rain and require ANi to go slink into the garden to do the necessary… but she’ll still bring me the leash for a walk and bound around in joy in even the vilest weather…


    • Oh, yes. If we are going out, they’re right there, jumping around and grinning like little furry idiots. And then, they don’t care what’s coming down as long as a walk or a ride in the car is forthcoming. Except when they get in the car, you can see them thinking “Uh oh. Are we going to … the groomer? Or … the vet?” They get very quiet and worried, even though Bonnie actually likes the groomer and other than a semi annual tooth cleaning, the vet is a real sweetie pie.

      It’s gray and drizzly again. As long as it stays at drizzle level, they will be okay. It’s when it really pours … that is NOT okay. They are absolutely SURE it’s our fault and within our control to make it stop. Oh that it were so! I’d order up a nice 2-3 inch soaking as a start and doggy opinionis be damned. We need water!

      I suppose it’s the flip side of being Dog Gods. They expect us to Do The Right Thing which may or may not be what they think is the right thing. And they are sure we can do ANYTHING. If only.


  8. I can really relate to this — the other morning I had 7 calls (within about 3 hours) from the IRS telling me that they were about to sue me and it was imperative for me to return the call — they were all from different parts of the country, and the IRS never makes such calls.


    • Oh, I haven’t gotten any of them yet, but I know lots of people who have. It’s apparently the very latest in phone scamming.

      I get the calls from “Microsoft” telling me my computer is infected and they would like to help me. Bogus charities collecting money for breast cancer victims (being one myself, I offer to give them my address so they can send me the check) … Of course I disconnect a lot of these calls without giving them a chance to say anything at all, so it’s possible I’m missing the really entertaining scammers 🙂


    • That’s a scam. They are doing that in Canada too. They claim to be Revenue Canada and they need to talk to us urgently. This is a serious matter and Federal Police will be coming by if we don’t respond. They make about $50,000. a day in Canada from this scam. Notify the police – Fraud Squad.


      • I called the police, thinking it would be helpful for them at least to have the numbers. Their response was to tell me it’s a scam, which I already knew, and not to call them back!

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        • They told me that the phone number was relayed to a site outside the country and there was little they could do about it. They just warned me not to respond. Revenue Canada would never phone anyone if there was a problem.


          • Nor would the United States IRS. That’s not how the government — any agency of the government — does business.

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            • Yet these scammers are making a lot of money at it. Perhaps the individual debt load is so high that people think its just one more creditor hounding them. These sudo government callers sound very threatening too. I’ve had numerous calls from them.

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              • I tend to pick up the phone, someone (or something) starts talking. I interrupt with “who are you and what do you want?” and unless I hear something that sound familiar — as in a place with which I do business or some personal reference to Garry or me — I just hang up. So I probably miss some of these classy scam artists. I look at the caller ID. Unless it says something that I recognize –even an area code where I know some living person — I disconnect. Immediately.

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                • Wise move. I sometimes listen out of curiosity. I had someone phone and they wanted to reduce our credit card debt if I called that number. So I called the number and (of course) it was a scam. They weeded out the expires date, the special code on the back and the credit card number.

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