Thursday’s Special: Double

When you have two black Scottish Terriers that you, yourself have trouble telling apart at a quick glance, double is what you see. The two pups together are more obviously different. Gibbs is bigger, longer, and lower. He’s more “doggy” and Bonnie is more “bitchy” which is as it should be. Gibbs is stronger and more gracefully athletic. Bonnie is bouncy, cheerful, the happiest dog in this best of all possible worlds, the Candide of small dogs.



And then there are the swans and the geese. Both mate for life and you will rarely see one bird without the other nearby.


swan 93



  1. I have a four legged sidekick named Bonnie too. She is my heart’s delight. She hates that I sit here writing instead of taking her for long walks along the river. She watches me with one eye half open. Ready to spring for the door.


    • It’s remarkable how our little furry friends can look sound asleep, yet if you move, they are up, alert, and ready to go. I swear they can detect a change in our breathing. Either that, or they actually read our minds. I wouldn’t be surprised 🙂 Glad you have a Bonnie too!

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      • Bonnie and Gibbs are planning the great escape and a white collar mega scam. Sykes is also involved. Interpol has been alerted.


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