I can’t believe it’s the end of September. My head is spinning with the swift passage this year from spring through summer … with a trip to nightmare caterpillar attack in the middle.

72-Aldrich Creek_006

Exactly one year ago … the colors weren’t up yet then, either. Next week.

Well, it is here and no way around it. I love the fall, though it doesn’t look much like it yet. Still not much color showing around here, but probably more in town … which is where we will go over the weekend. Right now, we are still trying to keep Garry warm and cozy while his cold goes away.

And now …

A class you wish you would have taken?

Honestly? I can’t think of one. I pretty much took whatever I felt like, which is why it took me a long time to finish a degree, what with changing majors three (four?) times. Sometimes, I’m not clear on what my major finally turned out to be. I think Drama. Or maybe Speech. Possibly both?

What’s your favorite comic figure and why?


Always have had a soft sport for the Supe. He could fly. If he flew very fast against the earth’s rotation, he made time go the other way, as in backward. No one would do that again until Captain Kirk did it in Star Trek. But Superman did it first and he didn’t need no stinking starship!

Name something you wish you could like.

Soy curd. Can’t stand the stuff. I wish I didn’t hate it, but I really do. Yuck.

Tell me about your first crush / first date / first kiss.

No, I don’t think so. Especially since I don’t actually remember who it was, when, or what the circumstances might have been. The one thing I’m sure of was that it was remarkably unimportant. Even when it happened.

Who was your best friend when you were 10?

Mary (left), Marilyn (middle), Carol (right). I think we were about 6 or 7.

Mary (left), Marilyn (middle), Carol (right).

Carol, from next door. From when I first moved into the neighborhood until we finished high school. College changed everything. I was her best friend, but she was not mine. Sometimes, it’s like that.

What sign are you? Do you believe in astrology?

I am a Sun in Pisces, Moon in Scorpio, with a Rising Leo conjunct Saturn (Pluto in the first house). Just saying.

Marilyn's Horoscope

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  1. Your top photo is gorgeous. I love the colours in it.


    • I’m hoping the rain slows and the sun peeks out soon. Because rain and autumn color aren’t a great combo. That was exactly a year ago … the color was late last year, too … but it’s REALLY late this year. Some years, when we get heavy rain in the fall, we don’t get much color. It happens. I’m hoping for a sudden turnaround 🙂

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      • I the colour comes from the dryness.


        • Partly. It also comes from cold nights which tell the tree to go to sleep. If you get the right combo, that’s when you get the really great colors. Too much rain, it’s pretty blah. Too warm and it fizzles. We’ve had some pretty great autumn displays over the past decade. A couple of sad ones, usually when a hurrican came up the coast and washed autumn away. This one is yet to be decided 🙂

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  2. Soy curd sounds like one of those foods that George Carlin would hate just because of its name. We need Superman to go back in time and stop its invention…


    • Then you can call it Tofu. But it’s still yucky, though I actually do know many people who feel otherwise. All of them are either vegan or Chinese where it’s one of the baseic food groups. Maybe it’s all a matter of motivation. I’m insufficiently motivated.


  3. I take it you are into astrology. 😀 Thanks for sharing. You were cute as a kid. 😀


    • I used to be into astrology. I sort of gave it up for a lot of reasons, mostly because I never learned anything that helped me and many things that I wished I didn’t know, but couldn’t forget. So once in a while, I take a look to see what’s happening, but usually, not.


  4. I actually love soy curd but then it kinda comes from my part of the world. Must be wonderful living where the leaves change into a riot of colour.


    • It is great when it happens, though it doesn’t not always happen. It depends on the right weather conditions: Cold nights with at least one hard frost to get the party going … and mostly, dry. Heavy rain and the leaves just turn bronzy brown, curl, and fall off. I am hoping it’s not going to be one of THOSE years. Hard to know. After the spring defoliation courtesy of the Gypsy Moths, I’m not sure what to expect. But on a good year … AH, then it’s one of the rewards of life on earth — and definitely the biggest prize for surviving New England.

      As for tofu, I’ve tried. Really I have. It’s texture thing.


  5. Hahaha! I laughed when you said not much color…wow, there must be some serious Technicolor something God has blessed you with where you live.
    And as for a degree, drama would be great. Why? Because it’s what I’m studying too 😀 I enjoyed this post


    • Our school was big on drama and almost all our “famous grads” went into movies and television. Also, if you are in college, the most fun major is definitely drama. Plus the joy of telling folks you can’t do whatever because you’ve got rehearsals. As for whether or not it’s even remotely useful, probably it isn’t. Unless you are taking a hard science or math, most B.A.’s are just a ticket to ride, but not specific to any profession. As a tech writer, I do not believe I ever met ANYONE doing the job who had a degree in a relevant field. Lots of “Medieval French Lit” majors, though. Not so many careers that require a thorough knowledge of medieval French literature. Have fun!

      Yes, we have some VERY serious color here on most years. Can’t tell if this will be one of them yet. The weather has been pretty wonky.

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      • I cannot believe how fast the weather has changed. Golly, I need to wear SOCKS and yoga pants. Not fair! The stinkin’ cold I have doesn’t help. Yeesh! Also, the end of the beisbol season looms and that bums me out. Beisbol is summer. Warm, languid days and nights. Lots of box scores to slowly examine. Lemonade and ice cream. Shorts, tee shirt and boat shoes.
        Now, it’s damp and chilly. Beisbol is down to the business of the post season. High anxiety time.

        Class missed — none. Took the ones I wanted. Glad I took drama in college because I got to work with Madeline Kahn and Susan Sullivan. I was awful!!

        Comic hero- Superman. Yes, I had a makeshift cape. Yes, I tried to jump off a high stoop. Yes, Mom tuned me up.

        First Crush – Miss Geralimo – 3rd grade history teacher. Golly, she was pretty. I received good grades.

        First Kiss — Denise Leake — 7th grade. No tongue.

        Best Friend @ 10 – Ronald Barnes. Lived down the street from our home in Jamaica, Queens. Did lots of goofy stuff together.

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  6. I have no idea what “soy curd” is but it sounds gross 🙂


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