It’s October and you know what that means. Well, I guess that depends on how you feel about baseball. For us, on a good year, it’s the beginning of the playoffs. On a not so good year (like last year and the year before), it’s the end of the Red Sox — until next spring.


But, surprise! It’s been a good year and the Red Sox have clinched the American League East division, so we’re in it for at least one more round.


And it’s the right time to play the class bit of Americana from Abbot and Costello. WHO’S ON FIRST is Abbot and Costello at their funniest. They used to run this in the Baseball Hall of Fame in Cooperstown on a continuous loop. They’ve remodeled the museum and much to our disappointment it’s not there anymore. But maybe it will be back at the museum someday. In the meantime, here it is.

We can all use a laugh.

11 thoughts on “OCTOBER! GUESS WHO IS ON FIRST?”

  1. And the Dodgers won the Western division. Scully called his last game in San Francisco on Sunday, and his last home game in LA on Friday. It became almost a “win one for the Scully” situation — everybody was sad to see him go.

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    1. So very sad to see and hear Vin Scully’s goodbye …but it was poignant, especially when he was joined by his Wife and “You Are The Wind Beneath My Wings”.
      Vin Scully was and is in my sense memory across his 67 years of work. It was always magic time with Vin behind the mic.
      As for this year’s post season, It’s for the Cubbies to lose. I’d love to see a Red Sox-Cubs World Series.


    1. They’ve been having a not-so-great end of the season. So are the Sox, but they had the sense to clinch first and collapse after! If they had been playing this badly before they clinched, you’d have gotten it by default. If we don’t improve, we’ve be gone pretty quick anyway.

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  2. If the playoffs can somehow even match the excitement level of the two wildcard games, it should be a fun year! It’s also weird that in a year where most of the playoff teams have gone at least 20 years or more without a World Series title, the Sox no longer get to play that curse card…


    1. I still remember 2004. Even after we won, we sat there, waiting for a whistle or something that would tell us “Oops, sorry. ALL a mistake.” No problem in this house letting the curse pass to other teams. They are welcome to it!


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