It’s the time of year when people spend a lot of time and energy looking at trees. Photographing trees. Talking about trees.


It’s autumn in New England and trees are big news. People come from long distances to look at the foliage. A good year for the trees is also a good year for tourism and all the associated businesses. Today the rain stopped and the leaves are changing. We don’t get a lot of color right here because most of our trees are oaks and they don’t have the really bright colors.


You want serious color? Look to the alders, birch, and maples. Especially the sugar maples. They give you the bright reds and oranges that screams “autumn!!”


We were out taking pictures yesterday, so these photos are a preview. Much more will come (I hope) during the next week or so. Once the change begins, it happens fast. Between yesterday and today, there’s big difference.


23 thoughts on “TREES WITH COLOR COMING”

  1. Aw…
    New England in the fall is really something. When I moved to Massachusetts, after several years in California, I first hated the summer. Too humid and too warm. But as soon as fall arrived, I fell in love and was very sad to go back to California. Now that I can be in Maine until it gets too cold, I feel so fortunate. And the first leaves that turn red, orange and every shade in between remind me of that first fall that took my breath away.
    Enjoy the season and thank you for sharing its beauty with us.


    1. I always tell new photographer if they can’t get great pictures in New England in October, they should give up photography. Autumn is our season. Summer is too hot and humid. Winter, well, what can you say except OY. We don’t really have much in the way of spring. Mostly, the snow melts and then it’s summer. But Autumn, ah. A really good autumn is perfection.

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