You’re getting this first-hand, without bombast from the many news crews hovering 24-7 around our valley. The source is impeccable and trustworthy.


Without fanfare, the local LEOs have cracked the Uxbridge late summer murders!! Outwardly, there’s no indication the local Police have done what state, national, and international law enforcement agencies could not accomplish.

While the big agencies relied on computers and databases, our local police combed the area where the three murders occurred and retraced the movements of suspects. Some are calling it a killing field!


There’s not even a hint of this in the trusted local newspaper. No leaks, rumors, or scent of murder most foul. The lineup of suspects previously played out in the media was a key to cracking this case. Sources confirm the interrogations were diversions to mislead deep pocket lawyers and their secret, anonymous clients in high places.


Numerous crank calls actually led police to a well-known landmark. They triangulated the cell calls to a home well-known to investigators. The battered sign shows that the place has seen better days. Once upon a time, it was a gathering place for legends of a time now passed into history.

Big boss known only as “The Scarecrow”

A high-placed confidante, known only as “The Scarecrow” put it all together for those quietly assembling the evidence. The “Crow”, as he likes to be called, had police recheck the three victims carefully.

As you know, two of the victims had tattoos. The tats were traced through several data bases while profilers checked the background of the first victim who was found to have ties to the Samoan mob. Finally! A link connecting all three murders! Each suspect’s alibi was rechecked — and the most likely suspects were double and triple checked.  Finally, it came down to the most likely perps.

Late yesterday, surveillance cameras traced the activities of those known to law enforcement. Gibbs and Bonnie were cornered in their hide-a-way yard.

They dodged and feinted as the cameras followed their activities. Even when confronted, Gibbs and Bonnie denied any wrong doing, typical tactics given their long rap sheets.

Beady-eyed Fred -- the snitch!
Beady-eyed Fred — the snitch!

Nearby, Fred Flamingo was stoic and lawyered up when asked about his involvement with Gibbs and Bonnie. Fred, a notorious middle man in mob deals, hinted at a deal if he gave names. He barely looked at Gibbs and Bonnie as he talked with police.

When Fred finally learned about the Scarecrow’s information, he began to crack. Finally, he gave up the big name, the infamous “Stone Frog”.

After that, everything rapidly unraveled.

The dark shadow of the underworld, “Stone Frog” — still at large!

The “Stone Frog”, Mister BIG — the power behind all the murders — is now in the cross hairs of investigators. Froggy’s criminal reign is officially over as Police follow the threads of the Uxbridge late summer murders. The crimes are solved but the valley will never be the same.

Senseless violence has left a bitter taste in the mouths of citizens of those who would usually be celebrating the arrival of fall and its golden beauty.

Looking for Connections!

Some of the usual suspects were released on ROR four days ago. A bluff move to flush out perps higher up the chain. But then another twist. A third body. The Third Man.

The corpse was found less than an hour after the suspects’ release…. which was before any media update. The cops were keeping a tight lid on information. All the released suspects were being closely tailed.

The third victim was found  in a field adjoining the site of the original crimes. All doubts vanished. For the newshounds, it was clear.  A serial killer at work!!  Police refused comment. Of course. Unnamed sources close to the investigation admit that motivation for the three murders remains murky.

Which has only heightened media speculation. Is there a drug connection? Money laundering? Has the Mob invaded this sleepy New England village?

An Interpol agent was spotted at the latest crime scene. A handout statement offered no insight why international law enforcement was now involved.

Then, a break from a trusted, veteran reporter — retired but he sometimes helps when police need answers.

A connection was spotted between two of the three victims. Similar tattoos. The veteran reporter noticed the familiar inks and huddled with Interpol to see if there’s a link to the Russian mob. No confirmation from the reporter or Interpol, but chatter with gangland tattoo experts has been confirmed.

Some of the police are trying to remain under cover.
Some of the police are trying to remain under cover. This group from Dodge City are keeping a low profile.

Meanwhile, the now four-pronged investigation is advancing on multiple fronts. State troopers and local detectives are looking for connections between the three victims.

Was the first victim an anomaly or grisly diversion in the serial killings? Or, were the later killings an attempt to befog the first murder? Was this a hate crime? If so, what do the haters hate?

So many questions, so few answers.

Network news outlets have set up staging areas, each trying to scoop the other as they slaver over every new bit of gossip and try to spin it into the story. The FBI’s BAU (Behavior Analyst Unit) is on the case and their current thinking is that the killer is a pro. A stone cold killer.

They’re working backwards, trying to connect the three murders. Fresh eyes are looking at murders number one and two.

Background Review: THE SECOND VICTIM: Murder most foul!

(There will be a short quiz following the conclusion of this story.)

Local, state and federal investigators are offering minimal information about the latest victim. CSU photos show he was white, middle-aged, and apparently healthy. There’s no word on how or when the victim was killed. A local resident confirmed the body was found in the same area, the same farm land where the first murder occurred more than two weeks ago.

Some wonder if  this is a worse case scenario. It’s top buzz on talk shows.

A SERIAL killer running amok…. on the heels of the late summer birthday party murder!!

Shock waves continue to reverberate. It’s the ultimate loss of innocence for a small town where typically, the top news item is roadwork tying up traffic on main street. Burglaries or car break-ins are the high-priority items on the police blotter. No one worries about big city violence. Everyone knows everybody. It’s that kind of town.


My granddaughter’s birthday party murder was the game changer!

State police are still sifting through the testimony of party guests. Records are being checked for previous criminal activity. Cold cases are being unwrapped, searching for clues or patterns.

Reviewing party guests, no one stands out as an obvious suspect. Everyone seems pleasant, amiable. Perhaps not overly friendly, but polite and civil. No blatant hostility was evident. No obvious suspects stand out from the crowd.



Profilers are looking at the gathering, breaking them down into age groups and backgrounds. Motive is the big question. Everyone is so vague in their answers. This case calls for someone with expertise.

And, that would be me. The victim. This is my case, my story. I will tell it best because it revolves around me. It always did, in life and now, in death.

A retired, award-winning TV News reporter, I was checking out suspicious things before my demise that warm summer’s day. Now I know it was no coincidence, but at the time, I was bemused by the variety of possible weapons I found in the shed. All so readily available to anyone with a grudge and an opportunity to commit murder.

I’d covered so many murders in my 40+ years on the job, I knew something was amiss. Something strange, wrong. Creepy. I was right. Pity I didn’t realize the object was me.

I didn’t say anything to anyone. It was pleasant party. I hoped we could avoid family squabbles and enjoy the festivities and go home with nothing more than mild indigestion to deal with. Everyone was focused on food. Hot dogs, burgers, salad, coke and beer. Good stuff. Classic American cuisine.

I was on my third or fourth hot dog. Feeling pretty good. I discreetly eyed the other guests, trying to put those weapons I’d seen out of my mind. Conversation was light. Restrained. Most guests kept their distance. Something was amiss, but I couldn’t put my finger on precisely what.

It fell on me to make some toasts, I suppose because of my professional background. I looked at the faces as I offered some light banter. No one seemed offended — but no one really laughed. I must’ve touched someone’s hot button — but who?

I turned around to get some water. I felt a whack on the back of my head. The world went blank.

72-corpse-midsummer-murder-victim-09102016_040On the ground unable to move, I could still hear the people gathered around me. I hoped someone was calling for help, but it seemed everyone was taking pictures — of me — or selfies with my body as background.

I heard giggles and laughter. Then nothing. Nothing but The Big Sleep.

What’s the motive? Where are the connections? Is it a stone-cold killer or a killer made of actual stone? Tune in next week for another episode of MidSummer Murder!




Author: Garry Armstrong

As a reporter for Channel 7 in Boston for 31 years, I was witness to most of the major events affecting the region. I met a lot of people ... politicians, actors, moguls, criminals and many regular folks caught up in extraordinary situations. Sometimes, I write about the people I've met and places I've been. Sometimes, I write about life, my family, my dogs and me. Or what might otherwise be called Life.


    1. We considered letting more bodies pile up, but in the end, Garry was running out of literary steam. Still — you never can tell what the future holds. Fred Flamingo made a sweetheart deal with the feds and Stone Frog is loose to trying and regain power. You just can’t trust those stone critters. Or the hard plastic ones. Or, for that matter, those so-called Terriers!

      Especially when they smile at you. You know they’re hiding The Truth. More bodies? Only The Scarecrow knows.

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    1. Sorry. This is the first time you’ve commented, so I have to approve the comment. After this, though, the system will recognize you.

      Hey, we don’t got no stinkin’ inflatable Santa. We stick with the classics, like Fred, the hard plastic pink Flamingo!

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