16 thoughts on “DON’T BE A JUDGE

  1. I think it’s all fun until it happens on a regular basis. I kicked unreliable people out of my friend circle in the past. However, in these cases it happened too often and unreliability was not their only problem.

    So, if it’s not extreme, I do pretty much agree with you. We shouldn’t always make a big deal out of little things, as you said, it’s not always working with a plan. We all forget little things at times, we all have to change a plan or put somebody off until we find more time, and stuff like that. No reason to be mad.


    • To add something short… it’s also much about honesty. I have no problems to accept a “sorry”, but when you later find out that the person did lie and invented a reason, it’s not that funny, especially not if these lies happen often.


        • I see it the same. A lot of people like to use lies as an excuse for something, but on the other side II experience that people appreciate your honesty. When you tell the truth, the answer is often “Don’t worry, happens to us all, I am not mad at you”. It can be that easy, but most people are afraid and prefer the lie to get a better excuse. My mother taught me that lies work well and fast, they give you a nice excuse, but even if it takes time, they will get busted and then you have bigger problems than before.


    • All I really meant to say it that shit happens and everyone needs to allow some wiggle room. The best laid plans and all that. I have failed to keep a LOT of promises over the years, but if something is really important, I do my best to get it done. I also, these days, cut myself and others a lot of slack. You never really know what someone else’s life is like.

      What I won’t do is WORK with unreliable people, even if they are well intentioned.


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