Autumn is color, but it’s also texture.

Silken reflections.

Roiling water and rapid currents.

The roughness of stone against leaf and river.




A few more weeks of autumn still to come.

Categories: Blackstone River, Dams and Waterfalls, Photography, River, texture

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  1. How about autumn until spring?
    I can’t get over the blue and black of the water falls. That’s some picture.


    • I could go with Autumn all year round. It’s the only really GOOD season we’ve got. Spring is mud. Summer is mosquitoes, ants, and humidity. Winter is … well … winter.

      The wonder of a really good telephoto lens at work. I don’t have a great telephoto for my “good” camera, but I have two Panasonic “bridge” cameras with super-zoom lenses so I get to take closeups of things that are not really close up.

      I was actually surprised by the colors in the water. I think it’s the first time I shot the dam in full, bright sunlight. Usually, the building behind me puts the water in shadow. It must have been earlier in the day than we usually get there, when the sun was almost directly overhead. After 2 in the afternoon, the sun has moved to the other side and the dam is all in shadow. The colors are entirely different.

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