15 thoughts on “OCTOBER ODDBALLS”

    1. Garry will only use his tiniest camera and even though I periodically suggest that some of his pictures would benefit from a better camera with a bigger sensor. I don’t think he is getting the point. He thinks I’m criticizing his art whereas I’m suggesting a better lens and faster camera sometimes will give better quality photographs. But since i do the processing anyway, it’s all the same to him.

      I am planning to let Fred winter in the garage, but since he snitched during our murder investigation, I’m not sure I can trust him in the house!


    2. Mrs. Swiss, Fred is on borrowed time. He can’t turn his life around after all his dastardly deeds. His only out may be to work as muscle for Pink Floyd Weld and Gary Johnson, the hinky 3rd party Prez candidates.


    1. Yes, the dumpster was a major feature. It added a certain “je ne said quoi” to the overall autumnal ambiance. A perfect postscript to all the years of my father’s photography. He never failed to pose the children in front of the trash bins. I have pictures of bins from all over North America.


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