The phone rings. “ANSWER ME, ANSWER, ME ANSWER ME. URGENT!!!!” but I ignore it. It goes away and there’s no message. Obviously not all that urgent after all.

The dogs want a biscuit. “NOW, NOW, WE ARE STARVING! WE MUST HAVE SOMETHING NOW!” but I take my time, breaking a bigger biscuit into smaller pieces. They eat and are begging for another with the same urgency — as if they had received nothing. If you are a dog, the next biscuit is always an emergency.


The mail arrives. Two envelopes are pink, telling me that they contain URGENT MESSAGES … but they are addressed to “Homeowner.” I think maybe they are exaggerating the urgency.

Everything is urgent, but most of it is not merely not urgent, it’s not even of minor importance. The only mail marked “urgent” is junk mail which I will throw away, likely without opening or reading it. Now that we use “NOMOROBO .com” … those urgent calls from automatic dialers are intercepted after the first ring. The world goes on. Urgency is reduced to a ring and a half, one robot answering another’s call.

If no one is sick, no one needs an immediate trip to the emergency room? It isn’t urgent. The only true urgency in life is getting to the bathroom on time!

Otherwise? It — whatever it is — can wait.


26 thoughts on “URGENTLY”

    1. I’m putting in night lights. I’m tired of tripping in the darkness, or being blinded by the overhead light. We have three toilet (two baths), but one is downstairs, so we don’t use it. I don’t think I could survive a single bathroom with my husband.

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    1. Nomorobo.com is a service — free — that intercepts robot phone calls after none or maximum, one ring. One of my commenters turned me on to it. Your ISP or phone service has to be a company with whom they work. The first time I checked it out, they didn’t work with Charter, but 10 months later they do. And amazingly it really works. I haven’t got a SINGLE robotic automated call since. What a quality of life improvement! Check it out. It’s online based and very easy to set up. Took me maybe 5 minutes, maybe less.

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          1. I think our phone company would provide the service for a price. But as you say, it gets to the point where I just hang up after the pause knowing what is to come.


  1. NOMOROBO sounds a great idea. I don’t know if we have anything like that here but I wish we did. Unless Mr Data wants to give me a call I can’t think of any robots I’d want to talk to. Certainly not Marvin.


  2. I’m one of those weirdos that never answers her phone unless I know who’s calling. It drives people nuts. They’re always, “Are you going to answer that?” and, like you, I’m always, “If it’s important, they’ll leave a message.” which I might listen to later. Maybe.

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  3. Had to laugh about the phone ringing. My cell phone rings. I look at. Husband says, “You gonna answer that?” Nah. I don’t recognize the number. And then they don’t leave a vm. Glad I didn’t take that call as an urgent one.


    1. 90% of the calls are automated messages … scammers and surveys and bill collectors looking for people that lived here long ago in a galaxy far far away. With this robotic call interceptor, I don’t GET the calls anymore … and I turn my cell off when I’m not actively using it. It’s the landline that was getting bombed.


      1. How in the heck do they get cellphone numbers though? For the longest time, every day at 2:30 some weird number would pop up on my phone. Finally, after a month, it stopped.


  4. NOMOROBO…. is that the newest monthly blogging challenge? The one where you urgently spam your followers’ email with a multitude of mindless posts and then don’t acknowledge their comments? Sounds like a winner…. sign me up!


    1. Nomorobo is a service that intercepts robotic phone calls before they annoy the crap out of you. And I haven’t gotten so much as an email from them. Amazingly, they do what they promise and don’t make your life worse. I know. Impossible. But true.


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