As Michael Valentine Smith used to say, “Waiting is.” Because we are all waiting for something or someone.

Bonnie and Gibbs are waiting for me or Garry to give them their next treat.72-bonnie-scotties-10172016_08


I’m waiting for Garry to rise and shine.

72-Marilyn At Canal-GA-042716_154

It’s my day to see the doctor, so he is waiting for me.

Death cust serv

The guy with the scythe is waiting for all of us … and Halloween is just around the corner!



18 thoughts on “WAITING FOR SOMETHING”

  1. One thing about that halloween stuff, is that you really get some good pictures. Now we have a difference – Mr. Swiss has to wait for me to rise and shine, he is generally up an hour before me, an early riser.


    1. Neither of us are early risers anymore because we stay up very late watching movies and reading.

      There’s not much Halloween stuff down this end of town. No sidewalks, hardly any “foot traffic.” In the village itself, it’s all dressed up with spider webs and ghouls and zombies and skeletons. We’ll have to grab some pictures next week when everyone’s house is all decorated. It may not be an important holiday, but it is rather more fun than most 🙂


  2. Stranger In A Strange Land. How many will pick up on that? Good thing the guy with the scythe is patient. Usually. I’m in no great hurry to meet up with him.

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    1. Probably not many. I was wondering that myself. It was one of those things everyone knew when I was a younger person. Now, I think no one reads “Stranger” anymore. But I have it in hard copy and as an audiobook. Sometimes, I need a Heinlein fix.


      1. Well, to be honest, I didn’t recognize the quote. I recognized the name. I had to look it up online to see where the name came from.


          1. Oh, I remember the book and how everybody was reading it. I just couldn’t place the name when you mentioned it. I knew it was a novel, just which one?


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