I was standing next to the bed. Blinking. Rapidly. Garry looked at me. I must have appeared to be in pain or something because he said: “Are you okay?”


“Yes,” I said, blinking and frowning. “I was putting the gunk on my rash? So after that, I washed my hands. I must not have washed them enough, because I think I touched my eyes and now my eyes are burning. I suppose I got some of the gunk in my eyes.”

By then, I was trying to rub my eyes with the back of my wrists since apparently my fingers were not nearly clean enough.

Garry started to laugh. Then I started to laugh. We both kept laughing.

“One thing always leads to another,” I cackled.

He went back to watching the movie. I found the eye drops. Everything is hilarious. Of course, I suppose it could all be tragic and dramatic.

It’s a matter of perspective.

13 thoughts on “A MATTER OF PERSPECTIVE”

  1. I can relate to this one — I had some antibiotics for an allergy-sinus thing — day 1 in the bathroom, day 2 a stye in my eye, day 3, began to feel better, day 4 a cyst erupted (and it will need to be removed next week)! If it’s not one thing,, it’s several — all a matter of perspective!


    1. I couldn’t stop laughing. I sometimes don’t know which thing that’s broken or bothering me to deal with first. Sometimes one medication messes with another and starts something that requires yet another medication, which causes a reaction elsewhere … like dominoes going down. I have a cyst on my wrist, but apparently the only thing I can do for it is whack it with a bible, though I’m told a really big dictionary will do the job too. It’s always something 🙂 You just gotta laugh.

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      1. As it rained cats, dogs and Orange Head lice outside, I was watching “The Rains Came” a great 30’s movie about a monster deluge in India. Art imitating life. We have the 50’s remake “The Rains of Ranchipur” taped on our living room TV. Richard Burton plays the Indian Doctor trying to save his people from nature’s wrath and British rule. Great flick for a mucky Saturday.


  2. Good thing it was only rash cream. I read a story a few years back about some poor young lady who was driving and had a problem with one of her contact lenses. She reached into her purse and grabbed what she thought was her bottle of eyedrops. Since she couldn’t take her eyes off the road, she blindly (yes, really bad pun) applied the eyedrops. Only problem was, she had accidentally grabbed the Super Glue instead. Her subsequent visit to the ER made the local news.


    1. It can get really bad, but there’s not much point in stressing over it. It is what it is and when you know you can’t fix it and you will have to live with it, you cope. Laughing IS coping. Or at least, my version of it. I don’t know how else to deal it.

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