Cee’s Which Way Photo Challenge – October 19, 2016

Bridge over the Blackstone

Bridge over the Blackstone

Straight to Rhode Island ...

Straight ahead to Rhode Island …

A walk on a warm day in October

A walk on a warm day in October

The path along the canal was original made for horses to tow barges

The path along the canal was originally made for the horses who towed the barges

A sign to make your way

A sign to make your way

Cee which way photo challenge

20 thoughts on “WHICH WAY AS AUTUMN ENDS …

    • It is a beautiful spot … and becoming quite a popular spot to walk with dogs and family and a camera. When we first moved here, you never met anyone on that part of the river, but now there are always people. I guess it has been discovered 🙂

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      • lol, that can be a good thing and bad thing, depending on whether you value privacy or don’t mind sharing. Personally, it would depend on (personally) whether they damage it or litter, to my way of thinking.


        • People are pretty good about not littering. And it’s New England, so while people are friendly in a casual way, they don’t usually try to get overly chummy. As far as that goes, we fit right in. Of course Garry’s lived up here for more than 40 years and me, more than 25, so we are not exactly newcomers. Mostly, I think it’s good that people are beginning to make use of the parks and paths. We have so many and they have been mostly under-utilized. If they enjoy them, they will (hopefully) value them. And care about what happens to them.


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    • Us too, because of the rain and we’ve also had a good deal of wind. Our property is mostly oak, so here, we still have a lot of leaves … but they are just the usual bronze or dark yellow. We don’t get much color. You need maple and alder and sassafras for color.

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