We live in a river valley. You can see here transformation from winter to spring to summer to fall. In some cases, you can see huge differences in the same months from one year to the next. There’s not much to show for mid-winter along the river and canal. They become hard to access when several feet of snow cover the ground. Not to mention that its cold out there. Frozen fingers are not steady on the shutter, I fear. November, however, is sometimes quite mild, so we frequently shoot in November. If the weather allows, in December too … but rarely along the river. It’s always colder there.

The Pond: March 2016 - Garry Armstrong
The Pond: March 2016 – Garry Armstrong

Here are the months in the Valley by the river and canal. Not all the same year. Some months, we shot elsewhere or, as in January of this year, were in far away, warm, sunny, beautiful Arizona. I wish we could be there every January. It’s a vast improvement over local weather!

River - March 2015
River – March 2015
The Canal - April 2016 - Garry Armstrong
The Canal – April 2016 – Garry Armstrong
The Pond - April 2016
The Pond – April 2016
The Canal - April 2016
The Canal – April 2016
The Canal - April 2016 - By: Garry Armstrong
The Canal – April 2016 – By: Garry Armstrong
The Canal - June 2015
The Canal – June 2015
The Canal - August 2016
The Canal – August 2016
The Canal - Sept 2016
The Canal – September 2016

October Gallery by Garry Armstrong

December 2015
The Woods – December 2015



    1. Walking is difficult in the winter. There’s a lot of ice and you can’t always see it. So my fear of falling is pretty challenging once the snow comes. But the world is a beautiful place, even in the winter and I should give it a try anyway. That day, the birds were in hyper-drive. Some woman was on the other shore with lots of goodies to feed them and they were really enthusiastic. Nothing brings them out of hiding like a bag of stale bread 🙂

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      1. I think we’ve captured the seasons fairly well. I do not look forward to that season which approaches and shall not be named.


  1. It was fun shooting in Antarctica — I found some wonderful gloves on which the fingers could fold back so you could shoot with uncovered fingers — I wore a pair of those with heavy winter gloves over them!


    1. I’ve been considering getting pair of them.

      Wait, you SHOT IN ANTARCTICA? Pictures please? Story to go with pictures? We don’t all get to go down to the absolute bottom of the world! Now THAT is exotic. But very very cold.


          1. In addition to the national election, we have local people to select, plus 17 propositions to vote on — the props are such that you need to know history, and to be able to unscramble conflicting proposals, etc. Once I had made my selections, it took me 2 hours to actually mark my ballot! In the meantime I received an e-mail from a friend with different views of life — I told her I’d voted, my ballot was in the mail, and I’m not talking about it any more. It’s been a grueling election, and it won’t stop in 2 weeks!


    1. And in less than two weeks — around the 10th of May — it looked like full summer. It’s amazing how FAST the world changes. Sometimes, we go from spring to summer while we are picking up a few groceries. The trees burst into full leave between late morning and mid afternoon.

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