The “Golden Hour” is a misnomer. It doesn’t last even close to an hour. Sometimes, if you are lucky, it lasts a full quarter of an hour before it’s gone.

Refraction from direct sunlight is unavoidable sometimes, so why not make it part of the picture?

Refraction from direct sunlight is unavoidable sometimes, so why not make it part of the picture?

It’s that time of day which we also call “twilight.” At the end of the afternoon, but before sunset. It is that time when the sun is low in the sky, yet still above the horizon. The rays of the sun slants through trees forming shadowy paths across roads and lawns.

The light is yellow in spring. Ocher in summer. It holds a hint of amber in Autumn, and is white with a touch of blue in winter. It’s the time of long shadows visible rays of sunlight.


I almost missed it. I had to run outside with the first camera I could grab, hoping it had an appropriate lens and a working battery in it  — and that I hadn’t left its SD card in the computer.

Don’t you just hate what that happens?


Sorry fellow bloggers. I couldn’t think of a single thing to say about banned  except to say that, to the best of my knowledge, I’m not. Yet. Given the current state of our disunion, anything could happen but I’d prefer to keep my mind off that as long as I can. Too depressing. 


  1. fresco painters use the term “the golden hour” to describe the interval in which the plaster is at its most ideal state to receive the paint. Sometimes it’s longer than an hour, sometimes less. 🙂


  2. For s shut-in internet junkie like myself… this is that moment of the day (Which often only happens at certain times of the year), where all of a sudden I am blinded by the sun peeking through a small opening in the blinds or curtains. There was a golden hour in the late morning when I lived at home, and there is one in this house in the late evening. Maybe one of these days I’ll just put up aluminum foil over all of my windows (Wouldn’t the neighbors talk then?)


    • I really do understand. I keep my shades down and my blinds CLOSED. I hate being woken up by the sun in the morning and don’t know why they put bedrooms on the east side of the house. This morning I saw the sky through the bathroom window and ALMOST ignored it. Almost. But then, I had to take a couple of pictures. Because I was up already. La di da.


    • The length of twilight is directly related to latitude. In Israel, twilight lasts quite a long time. Sunset is longer too, as is dawn. But we are up here at 43 north and Jerusalem was at 31 or 32 (I forget which) north. Even one degree of latitude makes a surprisingly big difference and I only know this from living at various latitudes and realizing what I knew was not necessarily true elsewhere.


  3. A photographer once told me the golden hour is the best time to take photographs. I’m not sure I agree it’s the best for everything, but it’s beautiful when you pick the right subject or the right scene.


    • I love light and am always trying to capture its essence. I watch for light changes and sometimes, like the other day, I say OH and I run to grab it. Sometimes, I’m too late but sometimes, I get outside just in time to catch something lovely. It helps to keep the camera nearby and ready to go.

      The misnamed Golden Hour is very pretty and great for sky and trees and portraits (everyone looks good in that light) … but I wouldn’t think it’s great for everything. Nothing is great for everything 🙂

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  4. Fantastic photos, Marilyn. Love the halo around the sun. For me, the golden hour is the time I’m about to put my feet up, but I have to rush around and make dinner.


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