Share Your World – 2016 Week 43

What are you really glad you did yesterday?


I was editing a post. I looked up and the light was golden. I grabbed the camera and ran outside. Took a few pictures. These are two of them. If I’d waited, I’d have missed it. It was just past five in the evening, not quite sunset. More twilight.

The golden hour is barely 10 minutes long!


Would you prefer a one floor house or multiple levels?

One would be great, but we have two levels. It didn’t seem like a big deal when we bought the place in 2000. The steps loom much larger these days. We deal with them. Slowly.

Have you done something you truly want to do today?

No. Today I wasted more than three hours on the phone with Dell Customer Disservice. If this is (as advertised), their premium customer service, I can only imagine how bad it is for “regular” customers. It boggles the mind.

What plans did you have as a teenager that didn’t happen? Are you happy it didn’t work out that way?

I was going to be a famous author and have a hideaway on a cliff overlooking the ocean in Maine. I don’t even know if there is such a place in Maine, but I was going to live there.


Although I certainly wouldn’t have minded becoming a famous author, the way things worked out, mostly, I regret not getting to own that fabulous — yet fictional — house. I’m sure I’d have liked living there very much. If it existed.

Bonus question:  What are you grateful for from last week, and what are you looking forward to in the week coming up? 

I got my new computer. This week? I’m hoping I’m done with customer service for the duration of the life of my computer.

20 thoughts on “SHARING MY WORLD – OCTOBER 27, 2016”

    1. Just barely. Done at my version of top speed … which is pretty slow by any other standard. I did the same thing this morning. I got up, saw a bright purple and pink sky, and ran around take some pictures. For the record, socks outside in the early morning in late October? NOT enough. You need the slippers. AND the bathrobe 🙂

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      1. And I was out in the garden this morning in my nightdress and slippers (that was all not wanting to go into more detail) – camera in hand taking photos of crows in a tree. One of the pleasures of becoming a golden oldie photographer.


        1. Yes, but not barefoot as winter is coming on. My feet are still chilled. But the pictures came out very nicely, so it was worth it. And then … I went back to bed. Golden oldie-ness is a good thing, sometimes.


  1. When I hear “golden hour” I think of the “hour” the medics have to treat a trauma victim before their chance of survival plummet. Not quite so romantic!
    I have an upstairs in my house as well. I do worry about how I’ll cope when I get older.

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  2. Oh boy…. I smell another customer disservice post coming up (If it hasn’t already since I work backwards in my Reader). My 7 year old desktop I’m on is a Dell…. I won’t even bother calling for service if something happens to it, they’ve probably already scrapped the manuals for this old, obsolete piece of junk anyway.


    1. I’m not even going to bother. It’s the same old, same old. They have terrible customer service on so many different levels. They never connect you to the right department. The person you talk you never reads what (if anything) the previous agent wrote. No one ever calls you back or can give you a number that will get you to the same individual again. They disconnect you, forget you on hold, and make a small thing into a three-day crisis. In this case, they forgot to install or give me a download link for the Adobe software I bought. Eventually, they gave me my money back. It took three days, about 10 hours, and FIVE DIFFERENT AGENTS.

      Digression: Yesterday, Walmart delivered a package. one of the jars of pasta sauce popped its lid and made a mess. No big deal except for having to wash the sauce off all the other stuff. The problem was fixed in about 2 minutes on their chat line. Dell needs to go to customer service school at Walmart High.

      Then, Dell sent me a “customer satisfaction” survey. I didn’t fill it out.


  3. I rented a violin to give it a try. I just returned it because it would’t stay in tune. They said the strings were too new and that was the reason. I have another violin and it is older (with older strings) It keeps in tune a lot easier. Can you imagine trying to learn on an instrument that doesn’t stay in tune? So this is what I’m glad I did yesterday.


    1. That’s true, though. It takes about a week of tuning and re-tuning a string instrument before it will stay in tune. And sooner or later, you WILL have to restring it. New strings stretch. Nylon or gut stretch a LOT. Steel only stretches a little. So if it’s a banjo or steel guitar, you’re got less of a curve after you put new strings on the instrument. Whoever told you that they stretch wasn’t making it up. They really DO.

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        1. In violins, I would expect the older ones to be better instruments. Woodwinds, too. A lot of the old ones are much better than new ones. Not so true for pianos. Not that they weren’t made better, but unless they have been cared for properly, bad things happen to them. Often, very bad things. That’s why I got an electric piano. I used to have a Steinway grand, but I have neither the room for such a big instrument, or the wherewithal to properly maintain it. Even 30 years ago, it was getting very hard to find anyone to come tune and/or repair the piano … which is when I sold it. It was just going to get worse.

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  4. Aw…
    I love your fantasy home and many creative people share the same. For me it was first a small coastal house in Normandy. Later a flat in Paris. In the States, a year-round ocean front bungalow either on the Pacific or the Atlantic. Didn’t exactly happen like that. Still I feel very fortunate since I got to live in Paris for ten years and our small seasonal Maine cottage is now my idea of an ideal creative place.
    I still wouldn’t mind the successful author part!!!


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