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Paramount Pictures

Here is a great piece of dialogue from The Glass Key, 1942. Alan Ladd, Veronica Lake, Brian Donlevy.  It’s based on the Dashiell Hammett novel of the same name. This was the remake of the original movie, The Glass Key, released in 1935. It starred George Raft.


They just don’t write great dialogue like this anymore.


The challenge is three quotes as posts on three separate days. Your quotes don’t have to be posted on consecutive days or immediately. A quote can come from any source: movies, history, politics, television … and from anyone, anywhere, any time.

I want to thank Sue Vincent at Daily Echo. She got Marilyn into this challenge, and by default, me too. It’s a good one and fun. Thanks Sue! I’m not going to nominate anyone because I’m not comfortable doing it. But please, if you like words and quotes, jump right in. You can hook to Sue Vincent or me — or one of Marilyn’s posts. Welcome one and all!

And check out PHOTOS BY EMILIO for his take on the quote of the day.

Author: Garry Armstrong

As a reporter for Channel 7 in Boston for 31 years, I was witness to most of the major events affecting the region. I met a lot of people ... politicians, actors, moguls, criminals and many regular folks caught up in extraordinary situations. Sometimes, I write about the people I've met and places I've been. Sometimes, I write about life, my family, my dogs and me. Or what might otherwise be called Life.


        1. I finally wrote about how I feel about that whole whiny generation. I haven’t published it yet. I’m waiting to see if I still like it in a couple of days. But frankly, they piss me off. We got them equal rights and legal abortion and all kinds of anti-discrimination and they are still bitching about how the world has not lived up to its promises. What promises? Nobody promised me anything. The little weenies can go out and fight for their rights. Time for them to stop complaining and start fixing stuff. I’ve had it up to my eyeballs with their pathos. I know. I’m an old psycho bitch and I just don’t UNDERSTAND. I think maybe they are the ones who don’t understand!


          1. Thank you! I so agree. No, YOU understand perfectly. The problem is parents carried it too far in the “give them what I didn’t have scenario” that and all the anti discipline crap. You can’t spank, put them in a corner, or discipline in any meaningful way. THEY rule the roost and heaven forbid a parent stand up and say NO to ANYTHING! But this next generation is repulsive because they expect everything on a platter. They won’t work, won’t do a full day’s job, they stand in corners hiding, passing the day, and employers can’t fire them, EVERYTHING is discrimination. One guy at the local store, came to work drunk and he’d even stolen $500.00 worth of meat. They fired him. It was ruled discriminatory and they had to hire him back, and pay all the back wages he would have accrude. We’ve bent over backward with our lawmaking for the guilty and the innocent suffer now. that’s my take for what it’s worth.


          2. I worked hard! on every job I had, my son worked hard until he was injured and now he can’t work much. He still works with everything he’s got until he’s so re injured he has to stop. My daughter is the same. but it’s such a battle with their kids. That doesn’t fly with me. Yes is yes, No is no. You listen or I take something valuable away, ie cell phone and or internet. they catch on quick. lol

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            1. My son got beaten up by the various crises. 9/11 was for him a career ender. A cracked disc ended the next career. But he’s beginning to see some light at the end of his tunnel. My granddaughter, on the other hand, doesn’t seem to get the whole “facing up to challenges” thing. She’ll have to figure it out. I hope she does it soon.

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              1. I hope so. Challenges and taking responsibility seem beyond this generation. I’m with you, I REALLY hope they get it and soon. It’s scary thinking of who might be responsible for us should we end up in a home somewhere. There’s so little care and compassion in this younger generation. I realize that they are the worst of the latch key kids, and that may have something to do with it, parents always working, sometimes 2 jobs, but still, get a grip. and I’m very sorry about your son. I’m going for a ct scan wed. to see if I have a herniated disc. I can only imagine how painful his must be. My son cracked his shoulder and destroyed his rotator cuff and can’t use his arm, and he’s right handed so he’s been learning to use his left hand for most things. It’s been a very painful existence for the past 8 years because at first they didn’t take his injury seriously when they could have done something. Now there’s so much added damage and scar tissue and arthritis they won’t operate. He’s “too” young to do the surgery. It will go one of two ways, good and he’ll fully recover, or badly and he’ll never move that arm again. So he’s lived with a great deal of pain as a result. He’s one of the most caring compassionate do anything for ya young men Ive ever met. That’s outside “he’s mine” simple fact and truth. It’s heartbreaking what he’s been through. I imagine your son’s gone through much the same.

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                1. There are many many stories like this. Too many. I’m one myself and I know SO many people who have been badly damaged and not properly cared for afterwards. But these kids have GOT to step up and start being grownups. I too wonder what will happen to us. We’re not exactly rich living on social security and a small pension, but we’re much better off than the kids. I’m turning 70 and Garry’s turning 75. We won’t be here forever. What comes after us?

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                  1. I know, I’ve been badly injured, in a work place accident, losing my sight, cant see much haven’t been able to work, was an accountant. Cant be an accountant when you cant tell the diff between 1 and l and 3 and 8 etc. So I haven’t been able to work for 15 years. The first 1/2 of my life was horrific. My health is poor, I need a hip and two knee replacements and my back is now in serious shape. I worry about that and what’s next, obviously. My daughter and her partner make good money and their 4 kids are taken care of. I worry about my son and what’s to happen with him. He’s been badly injured on several occasions. So I worry most about him. Sometimes, it scares me. I try not to get in touch with those feelings often, and live day to day but still, it’s in the back of my mind.


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