I’m sitting here and my mind is blank. Is it too early to think literary thoughts? Or maybe I need much more coffee?

Whatever it is, all I can think is that sure enough, it’s Halloween. Eerie is probably a good word for the day. And how much eerie, aerie, and airy sound alike but mean such different things.

dark cemetary


Osprey returning home to the aerie

Osprey returning home to the aerie

Airy afternoon at the marina

Airy afternoon at the marina

Oh, you mean I should post something about Halloween and it being eerie, even though it’s bright and sunny and delightfully warm?

jack o lanterns halloween

Hope that’s eerie enough for’ya 🙂 Whatever it is you do today, make sure it’s very eerie, but keep the space airy near the aerie!



20 thoughts on “EERIE AIRY AERIE

  1. No doubt about it, that first photo is eerie. And gorgeous.

    And it is also eerie that although I posted my “eerie” post and did a pingback that brought me to the DP site, it never posted my blog on the page! We are on daylight savings time now and they seem to have posted the prompt earlier than usual so I even posted it two hours earlier than I ordinarily do! I just redid the pingback at a bit before midnight, and it finally appeared–unless I’m really going blind and it was there all along and I missed it twice. Now that is eerie!!! ( Like the time the prompt was “tardy” and they didn’t get it posted until late in the afternoon. Remember that?


    • I hate clock changes and this is one of many reasons why. I had a similar problem with WP when my system clocked got changed to the wrong time zone. I have no idea how it happened, but it drove me nuts for a week until i realized what the problem was. I did see your post on the grid, by the way … but in any case, i follow you via email, so I don’t depend on WordPress to find you 🙂


  2. The barfing pumpkin is always a classic. I did save the guts from my pumpkin, though I intend to restock the carcass tomorrow morning and let my backyard critters enjoy their own trick or treating. Maybe I can get some pictures of my squirrels vomiting pumpkin innards….


    • We don’t celebrate it here on our street, but everywhere else seems to be going crazy. I get weary of holidays when they are over-celebrated. For me, a little celebration goes a long way. They just go so over the top about absolutely everything, it’s a real turnoff for me.

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  3. Taking a walk over the cemetery is always a good method to get in an eery mood. It is very empty outside at the moment and because of tomorrow being All Souls Day, which is a local catholic holiday here. most places have closed for today, so it is all quiet and yes, just eerie, I wish we had a few pumpkins to brighten it all up.


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