Today’s quote comes from Luke Cage, a brand new TV series available on Netflix. We watched the first few episodes last week and thought it was interesting and well-written. If it stays on the rails and doesn’t drift to some another other dimension, it’s a good addition to our lineup of comic book superheroes. Luke and his world are Black — a big deal since all earlier supers were (are) white. Otherwise, Luke Cage is a surprisingly traditional superhero.


He’s got all the powers except (as far as I know) he can’t fly.  He’s powerful, bulletproof, but doesn’t kill people. Just disables them and lets the law do its thing. Plenty of pow, biff, wham violence, but hardly any blood and gore.

So here’s the great line.

Scene: A rather bad guy drug dealer and political wannabe — one of many — has just pushed an even worse guy off the roof of a building. Luke comments about his having finally learned humility. And the response is:


Gravity is a very harsh mistress. Ask anyone over the age of 50.


There’s no time pressure here. You don’t have to do all three posts in a week. Put them up whenever you have time and space to fill.

I want to thank Sue Vincent at Daily Echo. She knows how to take a hint and run with it! She got me into this — this time — but, I’d have happily done it anyway. I enjoy word play.


The challenge is three quotes as posts on three separate days. Your quotes don’t have to be posted on consecutive days or immediately. A quote can come from any source: movies, history, politics, television … and from anyone, anywhere, any time. If you only have one quote, that’s okay. Maybe something else will pop up later.

I want to thank Sue Vincent (again) … and Garry who I drafted without asking first. Thanks for being a good sport and a really great writer. Thanks also to Emilio, Bill “Evil” Brown, and Leslie for not getting mad at me for nominating them. This is a fun challenge. Easy. I don’t know about everyone else, but easy and fun is what I needed now. It’s been a rough few months for a whole lot of reasons.

I’m not going to nominate anyone else because I think you all know about this challenge and can decide if you’d like to play. Please if you enjoy word play and quotes, jump right in. Hook your posts to me, Sue, Garry’s quote posts, or any other player.

I really enjoy this and sometimes do quote posts just because a hear something and it tickles my brain. Welcome one and all!

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  1. Yes – gravity will do it.


  2. I’ve been watching too – very good! There’s even an “origin” episode.


    • Last night’s episode was too gory for me. had to leave the room until Garry gave the all-clear. But otherwise, I like the character and the writing seems rather better than most of the stuff we’ve seen recently. So here’s to a good superhero series. May it live long and prosper 🙂

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