Tuesdays of Texture – Week 45 of 2016


Probably the oldest tree in our town. In the oldest cemetery in town. It’s tall and the bark is full of stories.

This post is about the textures of wood. Bark while it’s growing. It’s rings and history after being cut down. And eventually, it’s smooth beauty after it has become something else with only a vague memory of once upon a time having been a tree.

dulcimer 4

The dulcimer began life as trees. Several different trees. Rosewood, spruce, and maple. Does the dulcimer remember the trees from which it was created?



It’s the ninth inning of the seventh game of the World Series. The pitchers on both teams are done in. No rest for the weary because the game is tied. Exactly as the inning ends, it starts to rain. Heavy downpour. Buckets and sheets of rain.

world-series-2016The deciders call a rain delay — and everyone holds their breath.

I’m actually watching this in real time as two underdog teams play one of the best games I’ve ever seen, in or out of the World Series. Everything has happened, pretty much.

The rain delay is supposed to be ended in 8 minutes and I have every confidence this is exactly what will happen. It’s the Cubs and Cleveland in the ultimate duel to the death. They said John Lester was crying coming out of the dugout as the rain delay was ending.

But in another reality — a parallel universe the same as ours, but — not exactly. Because in that universe, the rain doesn’t end. They can’t restart the game, thus leaving it tied at 6-6 … and neither team has it in them to play another game. Maybe they can play some more the following day. Call it extra inning or innings following a 24-hour rain delay. How does that work out?

And what if, in yet another dimension, a tornado struck. Destroyed the stadium. Both teams barely escape with their lives. They can’t restart the game … so … they put it into the books as a tie. With an asterisk. They give two sets of World Series rings and each team gets a trophy. There’s a first time for everything, right?

Somewhere else, a darker ending. The powers-that-be deny both teams a win and instead, schedule a runoff game as soon as they can. Both teams blame dark curses and malign fate.

What do you think happens in that alternate Earth. Which team — either, neither or both — wins the World Series?


This is earth. Our earth. On this world and in this dimension, the Cubs have won the World Series for the first time after a 108-year drought.

Congratulations Chicago! As Red Sox fans, we know how it feels … and isn’t it fine?



Hard to believe it’s already November. Where did summer go? And Autumn? Next week, election. Normally, I’m an election addict. I love it the way other people love sports.


Politics is my sport. Not this year. Too much at stake. See you next week, by which time (presumably) the votes will have been counted.

What was your favorite subject in school?

English and art. You didn’t guess?

If you could have a servant come to your house every day for two hours, what would you have them do?

Dust. Vacuum. Dust. Vacuum. And wash the kitchen floors.

Where did you live when you were in the third grade of school?  Is it the same place or town you live now?

This is P.S, 35. It's still there, but I'm not.

This is P.S, 35. It’s still there, but I’m not.

I lived in Holliswood. In Queens, one of the five boroughs of New York city.


I haven’t lived in New York city since 1964 when I moved into a room near Hofstra, in Hempstead (Long Island, a suburb  of New York city). Then, in 1978 I moved to Jerusalem, Israel. Back to Long Island in 1987 and to Boston in 1988. To Uxbridge in 2000 and here we have stayed. I don’t think we’re going anywhere anytime soon.

Okay, so it's my sixth grade class. But I don't have my third grade picture. Same school.

Okay, so it’s my sixth grade class. But I don’t have my third grade picture. Same school.


In your opinion, list some places that are great for shopping?

I do almost everything except grocery shopping online. I don’t get around well — part of the reason — but the bigger reason is I don’t like shopping. Also, we don’t have much shopping locally. The big malls with lots of shops are more than 40 miles and a hour’s drive from here. We have a good lumber yard and hardware store, a few hair dressers. On weekends from spring through fall, you can always find a yard sale. For everything else, there’s Walmart.

So, a lot of stuff comes from Amazon. L.L. Bean. Lands’ End. J.Jill. Adorama. I have a great place for automobile tires, but how often do you buy tires? I patronize places that pride themselves on good customer service. I go where I am treated like a valued customer and they offer free shipping.

Fortunately, the Internet brings choice to the otherwise choiceless. And … they deliver!


Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Commercial or Industrial Buildings

We don’t have really big commercial building here. Stores are probably the biggest and maybe there’s a warehouse somewhere with which I’m unacquainted. Boston has skyscrapers. Uxbridge? Well, there’s the CVS and the grocery store. It’s different in the country.

An old time view of modern Beth Israel in Boston

An old time view of modern Beth Israel in Boston



It used to be the laundramatte. Now it's a tattoo parlor. Commercial isn't quite the same in small towns as in bigger cities.

It used to be the laundromat. Now it’s a tattoo parlor. Commercial isn’t quite the same in small towns as in bigger cities.

wang theater night boston


I stayed in the car!

I stayed in the car!

cee's fun foto chall