Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Commercial or Industrial Buildings

We don’t have really big commercial building here. Stores are probably the biggest and maybe there’s a warehouse somewhere with which I’m unacquainted. Boston has skyscrapers. Uxbridge? Well, there’s the CVS and the grocery store. It’s different in the country.

An old time view of modern Beth Israel in Boston
An old time view of modern Beth Israel in Boston



It used to be the laundramatte. Now it's a tattoo parlor. Commercial isn't quite the same in small towns as in bigger cities.
It used to be the laundromat. Now it’s a tattoo parlor. Commercial isn’t quite the same in small towns as in bigger cities.

wang theater night boston


I stayed in the car!
I stayed in the car!

cee's fun foto chall


    1. And lose a finger to a snapping turtle! We don’t have any shopping for anything housey except Walmart and that’s actually 2 towns away … but we have at least a dozen hair dressers, fake nail shops, and tattoo parlors. Hell, we only have ONE bar! How pathetic is that?


  1. We also get neglected with the big buildings, and there is so much environment protection in Switzerland that everything has to be measured and put up with a wooden silhoutte, allowing people to protest, before it is actually built. I would have to travel to Zürich for the real giants. Even Bern, our capital town, has few real big buildings – just the houses of parliament.


  2. I think the buildings in the town have more character than the city ones, though that Prudential building is really quite nice – and that Wang Theatre is pretty nice too.


    1. I remember when they were building the Pru and the windows kept popping out and crashing 50 stories to the ground below. They eventually got it right and it is the tallest building in the city … and the home of the ritziest shopping mall — maybe anywhere. I can’t afford anything in that mall, not coffee or even parking.

      The Wang Theater (est. 1983) in Boston, Massachusetts is the new name for in an old 1925 theatre that was originally the Metropolitan, and later the Music Hall. The theater district is one of the most architecturally interesting parts of the city. They’ve been restoring old theaters for the past 40 years and they are finally making some progress. It had gotten very rundown and many of the theaters were unusable.

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