It’s the ninth inning of the seventh game of the World Series. The pitchers on both teams are done in. No rest for the weary because the game is tied. Exactly as the inning ends, it starts to rain. Heavy downpour. Buckets and sheets of rain.

world-series-2016The deciders call a rain delay — and everyone holds their breath.

I’m actually watching this in real time as two underdog teams play one of the best games I’ve ever seen, in or out of the World Series. Everything has happened, pretty much.

The rain delay is supposed to be ended in 8 minutes and I have every confidence this is exactly what will happen. It’s the Cubs and Cleveland in the ultimate duel to the death. They said John Lester was crying coming out of the dugout as the rain delay was ending.

But in another reality — a parallel universe the same as ours, but — not exactly. Because in that universe, the rain doesn’t end. They can’t restart the game, thus leaving it tied at 6-6 … and neither team has it in them to play another game. Maybe they can play some more the following day. Call it extra inning or innings following a 24-hour rain delay. How does that work out?

And what if, in yet another dimension, a tornado struck. Destroyed the stadium. Both teams barely escape with their lives. They can’t restart the game … so … they put it into the books as a tie. With an asterisk. They give two sets of World Series rings and each team gets a trophy. There’s a first time for everything, right?

Somewhere else, a darker ending. The powers-that-be deny both teams a win and instead, schedule a runoff game as soon as they can. Both teams blame dark curses and malign fate.

What do you think happens in that alternate Earth. Which team — either, neither or both — wins the World Series?


This is earth. Our earth. On this world and in this dimension, the Cubs have won the World Series for the first time after a 108-year drought.

Congratulations Chicago! As Red Sox fans, we know how it feels … and isn’t it fine?


  1. I was actually at a game three years ago that resumed play at 3 AM after a massive rain delay. I saw that radar shot with the big blob of rain on it and wondered how late this game would get over. I figured they’d wait straight on through sunrise if they had to… but, it HAD happened before.

    Game 5 of the World Series between the Phillies and Rays was suspended in the 6th inning by rain, and couldn’t be completed for two days. That wound up being the Series clinching game for the Phillies… on a night when they only actually played three innings and change!

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    1. Even the real history reads like science fiction! This was a fun night. I wanted the series to go to 7 games. I didn’t want a sweep by either team. This was a great game and an excellent series. I’m glad you had the answer. I was actually wondering what they do if they can’t finish that 7th game and it’s tied. Or i guess any game that could be a series ender would pose the same problem. Interesting. Baseball is a thinking game.

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      1. It was a game for the ages! The rain delay was a Frank Capra touch, raising the angst and hope for both sides. Plenty of time to show myriad closeups of fans so desperate they’d sell of their first born.
        In a parallel universe, you would see the likes of Ernie Banks, Al Rosen, Robert Redford, Bob Feller, Kevin Kostner, Fergie Jenkins, Gary Cooper, Hank Greenberg, Charlie “Wild Thing” Sheen, Tinkers, Evers and Chance etc. in the dugout and bullpen, available and ready to make history.
        Vin Scully would be the link between the parallels.


  2. This is what always pulls me into a game, even when I don’t watch. I don’t think any other team sport is so made up of players who play their own game within the constraints of the regulations. It’s fascinating to watch. Go, Cubs. Indeed.

    And it’s those last moment miracles. Every time.

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    1. This was a particularly good game to watch even if you didn’t have a home team playing. I was truly wondering what would happen if the rain delay was extended beyond playing limits, but Mr. Evil Squirrel who, like my husband, knows the game really well, pointed out that it has happened before. It seems that in baseball, like politics, everything has happened before, though sometimes how it gets dealt with is quite different on each occasion.

      Fortunately, this time, the rain stopped, the game continued and the Cubs won. I would have been okay with a Cleveland victory, too. They both played like Championship teams. Very satisfying for a fan 🙂


    2. Judy, I’m happy for beisbol — showing everyone why it’s still our National Pastime. The NFL Commish can take his inflated futbol and shove it where the sun doesn’t shine.

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