Cee’s Which Way Photo Challenge – November 2, 2016


Probably my favorite autumn scene. I think I have a full ten years of October photos of the canal.


The new bridge across the river in Slatersville, RI

Crooked Poll, er Pole

Crooked Poll, er Pole


Autumn lane, desaturated

Cee which way photo challenge

12 thoughts on “WHICH WAY – EARLY NOVEMBER

    • New England — especially southern New England where we live — doesn’t have a lot of open spaces. But we have some areas that are more open than others. Mostly parks — lots of parks and I’m always grateful to whoever designated open spaces so we would have some. Otherwise, everything would be paved over and full of shopping centers and development.

      As for leaf-strewn, yes. Everyone loves them on the trees, but no one wants to rake them up 😉 It looks pretty, but it gets kind of messy when the snow falls. Slippery, too.


    • I use one of the Topaz filters, but you can do it yourself by just dropping the saturation until you get the effect you want. I enjoy playing around with them. Especially in pictures that have lots of detail and strong colors.


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