I had to order two reams of copy paper. I don’t think I’ve bought paper for the printer … well … in years. For all the decades I was working, office supplies were one of the un-taxed benefits of being an office wage slave. You didn’t buy staples, paper clips, or pens. Never bought copy paper. This was stuff one brought home from the office.

To be fair, I worked at home. I used most of the supplies for work. But I confess, I also used it for everything else.


I was a rank amateur compared to my husband, however.

Garry was the emperor of office supplies. When the regular supplies cabinet was empty, his colleagues would come to him. They knew Garry had everything. All squirreled away in his office — which was in the building where the television station was housed. He only brought home supplies intermittently … sort of “as needed.” His greatest score was a 3-hole punch he managed to wrest from the newsroom. It had been chained to the table leg and I have no idea how he got it loose. Bolt cutters?

It came home with the sticker “DO NOT REMOVE FROM NEWSROOM” still on it. I never removed the sticker. The punch is still in the house somewhere. Probably in the wreckage of what used to be my office. A truly fine piece of equipment.

My office was (is) just across the hall from the bedroom. I could (did) get there in my nightie and slippers.

Garry’s real passion is (was) (will forever be) pens. Read about it here — CONFESSIONS OF A PEN THIEF – GARRY ARMSTRONG. Not merely did he bring them home from work far in excess of any true need for writing implements. He also snagged them from everyone and anyone who didn’t know his reputation as a pen thief. He failed to get one from the White House, one of his rare failures, but he got them from everywhere else.

But for me, it was paper. I can’t honestly remember the last time I had to buy regular paper for the printer. I have bought special paper for printing my résumé or in special colors for some invitation or leaflet. But regular, 20 lb. white copy paper? That came from work. It’s the only thing I miss about work … except for the paycheck, of course.

Today, I had to order a couple of reams of paper. Two reams of 24 lb. extra bright white copy paper. I had to pay money for it. What is this world coming to?


The roses are still blooming in the garden. Not just a few scraggly dying blossoms, but lots of roses. Red and pink. Bunches of them. I was sure they’d be gone by today, but they are not. So, here they are. November’s roses. Alive and blooming. This is a November surprise I can be happy about!

And just because everywhere else, the leaves are rapidly leaving the trees, at our house, the leaves are just beginning to fire up the engines.


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