The roses are still blooming in the garden. Not just a few scraggly dying blossoms, but lots of roses. Red and pink. Bunches of them. I was sure they’d be gone by today, but they are not. So, here they are. November’s roses. Alive and blooming. This is a November surprise I can be happy about!

And just because everywhere else, the leaves are rapidly leaving the trees, at our house, the leaves are just beginning to fire up the engines.


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  1. We still have leaves, but yesterday throught the weight of the first snowfall, my rudbeckia laciata (the tall variety of black eyed susan) were laying on the ground in the garden. I will now have to cut them down. Roses are now rare, and have gone until next Spring The only flowering plant I have in the garden is my sedum, and the flowers have long been pollinated by the bees. The remain on the plant and are a dark red and I told the gardner to leave them. They make a nice spash of colour in the garden.


    1. As soon as the first snow falls, everything in the garden will die unless it’s very light snowfall. Then maybe not. I wouldn’t be surprised if these were mums still blooming and setting buds, but these are roses. Hedge roses, for sure, but three different kinds (dark red, dark pink, light pink). Roses aren’t usually so willing to bloom when the nights are frosty. They just don’t want to die and who can blame them?


  2. The way summer flowers have gone on blooming here too this year has been a real joy. For the past few weeks I’ve been picking bunches of cosmos, marigolds and snapdragons up at the allotment, and they were still flowering like mad yesterday when I was up there, despite a perishing wind.


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