Yesterday morning, I dropped the mouse for the computer in the bedroom. I reached down to pick it up and a pain shot through my chest, down my arm and I yelped.

I had a lot of heart surgery a couple of years ago. Most of it has healed well. The thing that hasn’t healed properly is my breastbone. Surgeons split it in half when they work on your heart. Normally, it will take as much as between 2 and 6 months to knit into a single unit. Mine didn’t knit, so it’s still a two-piece breastbone. Healed, but not knitted and held together with steel wire. Apparently, no medical technology exists that can convince a bone to knit if it doesn’t want to.

Typically, this is a problem on joints that cannot be immobilized — ribs, breastbone, shoulders, spine. And, I should mention that when one of these is broken, you discover that every single other thing in your body is connected to it. So it has been for the past two days. Moving really hurts. But only at certain angles when using my right arm.

I’m a rightie. Of course.


It seems a little better today than yesterday, but it’s still crunching with each breath I take. I can hear it through my inner ear. Creepy.

All of this makes it difficult for me to do stuff. If I want this to settle down, find its notch, and stop hurting, I have to settle down and be as still as I can for a few days.

All of this is an explanation of why I’m not doing much. I wrote a bunch of posts which are already scheduled. There will be new posts, but otherwise, I have to do the one thing that’s hardest for me to do: nothing. For a few days at least. If this doesn’t correct itself, I’ll have to go see a surgeon and I cannot emphasize enough how much I do not want any more surgery of any kind. Ever.

Meanwhile, I’m held together by some pretty tough steel wire and I’m resting. And hoping this takes care of itself.

Author: Marilyn Armstrong

Writer, photography, blogger. Previously, technical writer. Retired! Yay!


      1. I hope your breastbone settles back in STAT. I cannot fathom the pain you’re enduring. I’m embarrassed with my own old guy issues.


  1. It sounds painful, a wimpy word at best. I’m sorry to hear this, Marilyn. Hopefully after a few days of “nothingness” you shall be greatly improved. I know how difficult it can be, trying to do nothing. I am not good at it, at all. Frustration personified. Please take care. We look forward to your speedy recovery when your wisdom we can once again share.


    1. Thank you!! I think most of we bloggers aren’t good at “nothing.” We have busy minds, eager fingers. We get restless when we aren’t doing something, but this is a very physical thing and the less I move, the more quickly it will heal. And I really really want this to not need surgery to fix it, so I’ll be good. Restless, but good 🙂


      1. Awe, do you have favourite movies or music that you can relax to? I’ve been in great pain today, spent most of it in bed. Only thing that kept me there was a christmas romance movie, I play as many as I can find, from now until christmas is over, and then some music. My daughter constantly gets after me, cause no matter the pain, I sweep, wash floor, whatever, I find it exceedingly difficult to “sit still” lol Please take care, cause your worth it! I seriously mean that. Your a delight! So enjoy your company.


        1. Doing exactly that. Garry, resident movie maven, is programming chief. Our living room is all recliners and big screen TV, and I can’t lie flat for more than 5 or 6 hours. After that, my back starts to scream, so I live in the appropriately names living room. We have a very comfortable house. When people ask me what our “style” is, I said “back friendly.” I LOVE our recliners!


    1. I guess this is about as clear a message as my body could send me without killing me outright. Doing nothing is really hard work for us. We are busy people 🙂 Thanks Sue. I’m trying to just not move around much. Very grateful I have a laptop!


        1. When bones don’t want to heal, they don’t heal. This may never heal, but I need it to at least settle back into place so it isn’t so mobile. And I really want to do it without surgery. So I’m doing what I can do, which is essentially nothing. Thanks for the good wishes. I need to be careful and not think the moment I feel a little better to go back to the same stuff that got me here. But it’s hard. The house needs care and stuff needs doing and I’m the one who does it. I’ll do my best 🙂

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          1. Stuff will wait. I recommend getting my favorite black and white movie list and watching them all, 10 down to one. Casablanca is always a good way to end a list. You will definitely feel better if you do nothing through all of those.


            1. We did “The Magnificent Seven” AND “Tombstone.” And I DID feel better 🙂 Today, we’ve been watching a lot of Midsomer Murders. I think we’d seen at least a dozen corpses by dinner, which was pizza. Garry has a week of movies all planned for me 🙂 I think I’m going to need at least one Mel Brooks film in the mix.

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