Cee’s Black & White Photo Challenge: Signs of Any Kind

I always take pictures of signs. It’s an old habit, a leftover if you will, from my working days. “Locator” shots made it easy to identify which video belonged to a particular story. Though I’m no longer working, I still take locator shots. And other interesting signs, too.

These were all taken at the same rest area in Wilmington, Connecticut.

Cee's Black & White Photo Challenge Badge


    1. Thanks, Daily. I used the song decades ago as a theme and “wrap” around a TV piece I was doing on public education in Boston. Think it was probably the 70’s and the School Desegregation crisis that painted an unflattering tint on “The Athens of America”.

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    1. Garry has moved off the computer to TV land. We are watching a 1933 movie (which neither of us have seen before) called “Gabriel over the White House.” It appears to be about a newly-elected president and they are making the SAME JOKES everyone is making today. 83 years later … and nothing has really changed.

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