Dogs. Can’t live with them, can’t live without them. Bonnie and Gibbs are midway between clippings. They have not achieved “heap of dirty rags” level, but have passed the way-station titled “well-groomed Scottish Terriers.”


Filthy? Almost, but not yet disgusting. Not the level of filth that makes you feel an instant immersion in warm water and suds is a mandate … but you don’t necessarily want either dog snuggling next to your clean clothing. Or snoring on the couches if you have just changed the sofa covers.


I guess they are closer to “messy” rather than “filthy” but that is also a matter of opinion. One person’s mess is another’s filth, after all.



  1. They look fine. Dogs worry far less about such things than their humans do, anyway. They just get the couch/rug/pillows smelling nice and doggy, and Someone comes along and changes the couch covers, shampoos the rug and detoxes the pillows and then has the audacity to insist on dog baths. How rude is that. =)

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  2. Unlike cats, dogs seem to like their filth… which makes them a lot like little boys. This also reminded me of when I took Ody to the vet for another checkup Monday. As the two of us waited for the vet in Exam Room 1, in the adjoining room (Exam Room 2) were a pair of shaggy dogs in for a fur and nail trim. If I didn’t know better, I’d swear Exam Room 2 was actually a hideous torture chamber by the way the dogs were reacting. Poor pooches… subjected to the cruel and inhuman clippers…. no creature deserves such a fate….


    1. Gibbs, my brave rescued agent dog, goes berserk during grooming. It take two people just to keep him from backing off the table and probably breaking all 4 legs and maybe his back. Lord knows what was done to him before he came to us. He is also terrified of towels and blankets. Paranoid … and I’m sure he thinks his name is “NO!”

      But I’ve had cats who I raised from kittens who turned into Demon Feline in the presence of a vet or worse, a vet tech with nail clippers. So it’s not necessarily abuse. Some of our pets are totally whacked. It just comes naturally 🙂


        1. Squirrel, I have vivid memories of barbershops as a kid. Lots of cigar smoke in the air with old men studying magazines with pictures.


  3. I think they pick up long distance anxiety from the other animals in the vet’s office. I had a new cat, years ago, never been to the vet, when we got within five miles of the place (even we werent sure where it was) she started freaking out. Dogs, the same. Ralph loved to ride, he’d go anywhere. but take That Exit to the vet’s and he’d just start to howl…


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