With all of the crises in the world, national, and local, I’ve failed in pursuing due diligence to that most important of all issues, “Why are the screwing with all my superheroes?” Don’t I suffer enough from politicians? Do my beloved series and characters also have to give me grief?

We just watched an episode of Supergirl and I am upset.

I’ve always been a DC fan. Back when we were kids, when comic books cost a dime and everybody read them, the world was divided into two teams. You were either Team Marvel or Team DC. Nary would the twain meet. Well, sometimes, but you didn’t admit it to anyone.

Photo: Deb Stone - Probably a super hero. Because she isn't wearing eyeglasses. So able to leap tall buildings and bend steel with steel with her bare hands!

Photo: Deb Stone – Probably a super hero. Because she isn’t wearing eyeglasses and is thus able to leap tall buildings with a single bound and bend steel with steel with her bare hands!

Marvel characters suffered. They had angst. In fact, it was from reading comic books that I learned the word ‘angst.’ All Marvel heroes wanted to do was help. Buy nobody appreciated them. They were haunted. Hunted. Disrespected. As often as not, hated. Marvel heroes had special super suits to disguise them. These costumes covered everything except their eyes.  Considering that they were usually being hunted by every law enforcement agency in the world, full disguise was a good move.

Just a blogger. Can't fly or outrace a train.

Just a blogger. Can’t fly or out race a train.

DC supers, on the other hand were real heroes. They had power. They were bulletproof, faster than … well … a Flash of light. They could fly backwards around the earth to make time travel backwards. None of them had personal angst because they had no personal lives to angst about. They were their personae, even when they were in disguise. And their disguises were … well … on the light side of disguises,  typically consisting of eyeglasses. Just eyeglasses.

Eyeglasses? = Not a hero.

No eyeglasses? = Can leap tall buildings at a single bound. 

I have tried this with Garry and he swears he can’t recognize me without my glasses. Sometimes, I think he isn’t telling the whole truth.


Lately, the DC character seem to be competing with Marvel in the “misunderstood, woe is me” department. It pisses me off. If you can’t trust comic book superheroes to stay in character, what is this world coming to? We can’t trust the government, the polls, or political parties. We can’t trust media, the cops — or even the robbers.

Everyone is lying to everybody about absolutely everything … but … through it all as my worst fears have been confirmed by real events and my cynicism has deepened to misanthropy, I thought at least my DC superheroes would stay pure of heart and free from angst.

Not to be, oh woe is me.

When did Jimmy Olsen become a superhero? Now he is The Guardian? Really? He only became The Guardian in this week’s episode, but by the next episode (according to the coming attractions) the gubmint will be hunting him as a renegade. That’s SO not DC. That’s just wrong.

It’s … Marvel!

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  1. I agree, I thought the Super Girl series was priding itself on being true to the comics.


    • It doesn’t have that much to which to be true. Supergirl was never one of DC’s “big” series. She was a minor character. Now that she’s got her own series, they’ve got to give her a back story and a life … but it’s all new, because I don’t recall her having anything of her own. She was just a cousin of the Big Guy.

      But I like the show. Except for Jimmy Olsen decided he needs to be a super hero. Editor of a major newspaper? That IS a super hero.


  2. I’m still in the thick of blood and gore with the Game of Thrones.

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  3. David was a big fan of the old style superheroes and would certainly agree with you.. He was less impressed with the recent movie remakes. I don’t know what he would have said about “Batman vs Superman” that confused heck out of me! I thought they liked each other. David was also good at keeping track of the alternate universes of the superheroes where I used to find it more confusing than an episode of “Days of our Lives”. Conversations about Green Arrow or Green Lantern or Black Canary went right over my head. However, I didn’t mind the first couple of X Men films, you can’t object to Hugh Jackman and Patrick Stewart. I do know that Jimmy Olsen was never meant to be a superhero. That’s just plain wrong. David’s favourite hero was “The Ghost Who Walks” – The Phantom; and I still have a box of comics that need to be rehomed.

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  4. Superman and all the gang are memories of a childhood. I have not seen a superman comic for years or watched any films. Love that photo of you without glasses, although with glasses you also look great.


    • When I first came back from Israel — now 30 years ago — I decided to try contact lenses. No one noticed. NO ONE. Not even my brother. So much for disguises.

      They ended Superman comics about 10 years ago. I think they brought some new version of them back briefly, but mostly, it has been the movies … more recently, a zillion TV shows based on superheroes. These shows are not exactly great art and I often write or read when they are on. But I needed to write about .something not so weighty or important. It has been an emotionally draining week here. I have never seen this country with so much grief and fear. It’s awful and depressing. Not even a little bit funny.

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  5. I’m am not a DC or Marvel fan, but found this post very funny. 🙂

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