“Nothing is certain anymore. Nothing. Chaos is king and magic is loose in the world.” That was the conclusion Robert A. Heinlein drew at the end of his two novellas, “Waldo” and “Magic, Incorporated.”


I have always wanted magic to be real. Over the nearly 7 decades of my life, I have had to accept that if magic exists — magic in the sense of spells and witches and wizards — I don’t have it. But perhaps it is time to redefine magic. Maybe magic isn’t a coven chanting at the new moon or spells cast by wizards. Or amazing feats by creatures born in myth. Magic is everywhere, loose in the world.

Super moon through the trees - November 13, 2016
Super moon through the trees – November 13, 2016


Even my favorite magic — time travel — is real. We all travel through time, but we march not to drums, but to the beat of our hearts. My time travels have shown me a transformed world where technology has created what no one imagined or dreamed.

Is that not magic? And if we cease believing, will that magic disappear?


I participate in WordPress' Weekly Photo Challenge 2016
I participate in WordPress’ Weekly Photo Challenge 2016

20 thoughts on “MAGIC IS LOOSE IN THE WORLD”

            1. I don’t fit in, really, but not fitting in around here IS sort of fitting in. People in this region are not only tolerant of oddness and eccentricity, they are rather proud of it. It’s one of the things i like best about New England.


              1. I’ve heard that before about New England. Probably why it is so appealing. The place I lived in before this for the past 30 plus years was similar. Eccentricity personified but always interesting and never dull. These days not so much. I’ve since moved, so starting over yet again.


  1. Growing up with the smell of brickdust in my nose and the sights of town living, somehow there was something missing in my life and I am so glad I found it in the magic of nature. We live in wonderful magical places and your photos show the meaning of magic.


    1. Yours too 🙂 I also grew up in a big city. New York is huge and gritty and crowded. So was Jerusalem, though a bit smaller. And Boston is pretty dense, too. It’s great being in the country, with animals and trees and rivers. I love your mountains, though. They are magnificent.


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