adjective:  Characterized by vulgar or pretentious display; designed to impress or attract notice.

Synonyms:  Showy, pretentious, conspicuous, flamboyant, gaudy, brash, vulgar, loud, extravagant, excessive, too fancy, ornate, overly elaborate, more.

This is it. A building that is purely ostentatious. No apologies. Just gaudy and over-the-top, designed entirely to impress. It’s just one of many such buildings all over the country. Let us hope he will not paint the White House with gold and glitter. No one, apparently, ever told the man that “All that glitters is not gold.”

Quite probably, he wouldn’t care anyway.




  1. It is glitzy. I wonder if there is gold in those gold windows. I know the Royal Bank of Canada has some of its gold stored in it windows. They have that same golden hue.


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  3. Simplicity – the opposite of ostentation – is central in the religion Mr. Trump claims as his own, Presbyterian Christianity and the Reformed tradition. A non-extravagance lifestyle (simplicity) is closely related to the emphasis on authenticity and sincerity. Acts and project that cover up reality – we are dust and to dust we shall return – are exercises in mistaken pride. “Simplicity is very close to sincerity. It clears away the ornaments, the ostentations, the contrivances, the pretenses that obscure the real.” [John H. Leith, “Introduction to the Reformed Tradition: A Way of Being the Christian Community,” John Knox Press, 1977.]

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    • The church we attend — when we attend which is not often anymore — is Christian Reformed … used to be Dutch Reformed (lots of people around here originally from Holland). I love simplicity. I love Japanese decorating where one beautiful thing is the focus and there’s no “stuff” all over the place. But my house doesn’t really reflect that. it’s pretty much a mishmash of stuff we’ve collected as we have lived our lives. I keep getting rid of stuff, but somehow, it never seems to leave any room.

      Simplicity is my goal, but sadly, so far, we haven’t gotten there. Yet. Still working on it though.

      Read a lot of C.S, Lewis in recently. I’m taking a bit of a sabbatical from theology this year.

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  4. I think you might find some of us Europeans will be saying “typical American” to that photo, but thank goodness America has a lot more to offer than Las Vegas. I would say, “typical Trump” and may the gold go rusty if it every rains in Las Vegas.


    • I should have picked a pictures of some other of his towers. They are all rather over-the-top, but that one was the right size. ALL of Las Vegas is kind of ostentation. Fortunately, it really isn’t typical of US cities. it is very much an exception, NOT the rule.

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    • I think he’s going to stay in his tower. Apparently he really DOES feel the White House doesn’t meet his high standards. To be fair, it’s an old mansion. I’m told the plumbing is sometimes a bit dicey and there are mice. Just like home 🙂

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      • Yeah, not enough money. Trump isn’t showing us all he has and has plenty of smart intelligent people around him to protect him, his family and assets


    • Not everyone who is upset by this election campaign or the results is a whiner, friend. Simplicity, honesty, hard work, truth-telling, and moderation are important to many. Some of us don’t “got it”(extravagant wealth) and we don’t crave it. Among those who do have such wealth we respect the Warren Buffetts of this world who still live in the same house they’ve had for generations. That’s the difference in values.


      • It’s that whole “truth” and “facts” thing that gets me. Despite everything, people are still repeating stuff that has been repeatedly disproved. Fact checking? How about just believing facts when they are presented? I have a lot of trouble dealing with people who don’t care about truth. Honesty. Or even reality. I don’t know how to talk to them.

        And “whinny” is the sound a horse makes. “Whiny” is what some people are 🙂

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  5. I cannot visit Las Vegas comfortably — I go into instant sensory overload as I get off the plane or as I drive into town and onto “the strip.” This is truly the epitome of ostentation!!!

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    • Ostentatious really is THE style for the Las Vegas. I think there must be a contest going on to see which building is going to be the most vulgar and over-decorated. There are quite a few European cities that have plenty of too much. There’s always Versailles, sort of the standard-bearer for ostentation. The older i get, the simpler I want both my life and my “things.” Funny about that 🙂

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    • Slmret, I’ve never been to Vegas and it’s not on my bucket list. I’m even put off a little by the TV shows set in Vegas. You’d think my “Guy” brain noodles would perk up over all the sexy ladies and the glittering backdrops. No. I’ve always found it over the top.
      But — I do wish I could’ve seen some of the “Rat Pack” shows. That’s all.

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