The flowers that bloom in the spring (tra la). Roses smell wonderful, but daffodils? Do they have a scent? Hyacinth is powerful … but columbine? It looks aromatic, but …

Inside, there’s coffee, always coffee. The smells of anything baking. Bread, cookies, brownies. It makes you hungry. When that grubby mutt pups up into your lap, now that’s an earthy aroma. Makes you … yeah … want to call the groomer. Immediately. “Do you have room for an emergency? Because I have two of them …”

Over the years, I have become almost unconscious of some of the smells around me, especially the dogs. I can still smell food. I know when the pizza’s done by the smell. I know when that turmeric shrimp and rice is ready to eat. My nose knows.

Has anyone been on a New York city subway recently? Now that is an aroma you can get your teeth into!



  1. I was already immune to the New York subway smell when I arrived, after sharing my earlier years with the smell of the London Underground (it seems if you pass an electric current through Oxygen you get Ozone – O3) which explains the main smell in the air. My sense of smell is OK, Mr. Swiss not so much, although he smells stuff I don’t smell and vice versa.

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    • Our last NYC Subway ride was several years ago. We were headed to Yankee Stadium. I was oppressed more by the over the top noise than the aroma. My hearing aids almost burned out.
      I do recall the NY subways of yesteryear. Rode ’em alone as a tyke. Those were more innocent times.
      I was always fascinated by the central casting collection of people. I wasn’t oblivious to the odor. It was part of the experience.


  2. Now I’m missing the roses outside my brother’s old house back East. They were some antique variety that actually smelled like ROSES.

    I can’t eat shrimp, but I wonder how turmeric would taste in some sort of fish chowder/curry.


    • I should think it would taste fine. Turmeric is a relatively subtle taste and goes well with many other things, especially curry.

      The hedge roses aren’t even antique. They are the ancestors of all the tea roses, climbers. These have been around for a very long time. Hundreds of years and I think started out as wild.

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  3. love this Marilyn- and oh boy the subway in the summer is an unforgettable smell. Turmeric is so good for you- an anti inflammatory- that bright color is not just for staining fingers! I add it to tea and Quinoa when I cook it πŸ™‚

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    • I actually use it as a coating for shrimp and sometimes, chicken. And, of course, rice. I always used it for a lot of things. I’ve upgraded to an organic product, and since it’s less expensive now than it was, I use more of it for more different things.

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