WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge: It’s Not This Time of Year Without …

It’s can’t be almost winter without hysterical predictions of apocalyptic weather on the nightly news. As a rule, these predictions amount to either nothing or at most, a dusting. The ones they do not predict, when they say one to three inches, watch out. Because a blizzard is about to bury you to your chin …

Welcome to “that time of year” in New England!


I participate in WordPress' Weekly Photo Challenge 2016
I participate in WordPress’ Weekly Photo Challenge 2016

21 thoughts on “IT’S THAT TIME OF YEAR … ALMOST …”

  1. Love the picture! How lovely. I don’t mind the snow, and if truthful, am looking forward to it. I haven’t seen snow but 3 times in 30 years, so it will be a bonus, not the driving of course, but the seeing. I grew up with snow, 2 to 3 feet and as a kid, of course, loved it! Even as an adult I didn’t mind. These days, it’ll be more of a challenge getting around in it. Still, looking forward to seeing a bit of the white stuff. 🙂


    1. When we first moved here, I was charmed by the first three or four snows. Less so by the seventh or eighth and eventually, the charm wore off completely. It’s beautiful. It’s also slippery, wet, heavy and you have to move it out of the way to get on with life. But it sure is pretty!


      1. lol, yes to all of the aforementioned. The first snowfall is so gorgeous, untouched, virginal even, then when you add the heaps piled everywhere, as well as the sand trucks and difficulty in transportation and or walking, not so much.


    1. We had a green Christmas last year. But the three winters before that, we were buried. It looked like Siberia. We have had to shovel off the roof to keep it from collapsing. No idea what’s coming this year. The worst winter we had — 2014 to 2015 — we got NO snow until the middle of February. THEN we got 12 feet in 6 weeks. How many blizzards can you fit into a month and a half? Quite a few, it turns out.

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  2. What a mindblowing picture of that time of year in England ! Loved it. The bare trees above the white fluffy carpet of snow surely looks beautiful but at the same time can understand the issues related to it for residents out there.


  3. Not even whispers of snow around here yet, which isn’t entirely unusual…. but no ice scares either. Late November is notorious for ice storms where I live. Now that sweeps month is wrapping up, I’m sure the apocalyptic weather predictions are coming soon to fill the gaps between the usual crime and hockey highlights, along with (shout out to Garry) TEAM COVERAGE of the first dusting of snow!


    1. Yes, all the stations have their Storm Teams at the ready. I’m sure we’ll be getting histrionic reports of disaster soon to come. In the meantime, it’s sunny, and not too cold or windy. Poor weather people must be SO frustrated.


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