The first photography —  the first landscape photography — I loved was in black and white. It was the work of Ansel Adams and it was pictures of our national parks. The mountains, The glories of the American west are forever in my mind in monochrome, not color. No color photography has ever touched me as deeply as those first Ansel Adams pictures.


Dam over the Mumford River

I am not he, not even close. But he was one of the two of three most important influences on my love of photography. And, to a degree, the kind of photography at which I work hardest.


Attean View, Jackman, Maine


12 thoughts on “THE VIEW – BLACK & WHITE SUNDAY

  1. Hi Marilyn,
    Its nice to see all your beautiful photography. My name is Crystal I am a graphic designer/ newbie blogger. Would be great if you could check out my blog. Thank you


    • That is a particularly beautiful place. It’s way high up in the mountains and we were shooting just as the sun was going down, so we had a lot of problems with weird reflections. I think it’s interesting in black and white, but it’s also pretty interesting in color. I like both. I love the place, too, though I don’t know if we’ll ever get back that way again. I somehow doubt it. It’s a very long trip.

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    • Thanks. The second one was a real challenge, but it’s a real challenge in color too,. the sun was directly in our faces — and lenses — so there’s refraction all over the place. Very hard to get it clear. This was taken just outside of Jackman, Maine. Pretty high up and rather far from anything. Lots of moose and bears 🙂

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  3. Marilyn, I love the light in the Attean View, the shape of the hills, the moodiness of your capture. The first one I recognised immediately; I always feel awe in sight of cascades and waterfalls. Beautiful warm, almost sepia tones. Thank you.


    • Thanks Paula. The dam is the one in the middle of town, so I shoot there pretty often. It’s the only one I can get to once it starts to snow … which could be any time now. The Attean View is way up north in the mountains in Maine, truly one of the difficult places to get to. The light in the pictures I took there is challenging. I thought b & w might help and it did, but it was challenging in a different way 🙂


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