You’d think, after all these years, as a nation we’d have grown enough to treat the Native people with respect. But you’d be wrong. We haven’t grown at all.


Friday I went on a hike where I learned about the Trail of Tears. How white people forced the Cherokee to give up their lands and walk from Georgia to Arkansas and eventually to Oklahoma. How whites kept pushing the Cherokee out of their way for years, and how the Cherokee fought for the right to remain on their lands all the way to the US Supreme Court, who ruled in their favor, but President Andrew Jackson refused to enforce the court ruling.

ictotmapnps There were several routes taken by the Cherokee to Arkansas and eventually Oklahoma. Those forced to walk the northern route (dotted line) went through downtown Nashville. 

I learned that gold was found on Cherokee land in Georgia. White people wanted that gold, so the US army forced Cherokee people from their homes with nothing but the clothes on their backs, held them in interment camps for months…

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  1. This is an answer to your comment on my post that I’ve had to repost, so it won’t accept answers to your comment. Wish you had been! Boy, I have had one heck of a time getting pinged today. Had to republish three times and lost all my comments and likes each time..Finally a happiness engineer got it pinged. Also having trouble getting edits to stick. Have you had any problems with that? Now it won’t let me answer your comment because the post you made it on is in the trash. Grrrr.


    • I spent half the day — as in about 4 hours — on the phone with three separate Customer support departments. Probably unrelated, but when I got up this morning, my computer was a mess. It was FINE when I went to bed. So I’m blaming the dogs. Because who else was up and around during the night?

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      • It was a mess in what way? Was it in a different place or were parts missing?Or was it just the software. My computer suddenly started having all these ad popups for sales.. and they installed themselves on my calendar!!! I couldn’t believe it. Forgottenman found these viruses, I think that presented themselves as Chrome updates. This happened to me with Firefox once, too, and they were almost impossible to get off my computer. So, be sure that updates are what they say they are.


        • Mine was file corruption, weird missing permissions, bad cookies … and in not one, but several locations on my computer. The most important and problematic one was that Chrome was not working. It was missing certificates and permissions. It wouldn’t allow me download anything, including graphics and books in my audible and Amazon libraries. Everything I tried to do generated an error message — Insufficient permissions or “Illegal action.” Because more than one thing went wrong, it took a lot of time to sort it out. Had to first fix the permissions files, which were blank: NO permissions were set. Then I had to clear the certificates files and let them regenerate. Then I had uninstall and reinstall my Audible software and my Chrome browser. And I have NO idea what happened or why. But interesting that it was Chrome both times, so maybe …


          • I’m telling you, there are really horrible viruses that call themself either Firefox or Chrome. I’ll bet you anything that was what happened. After getting rid of mine, we had to reset Chrome. Duckie sent me a free virus check that seems to work really well. It is called MalWearBytes and it will check your entire computer for viruses.


            • I actually have malwarebytes. And other virus protections, but I will run another check. I suspect that it tried to get in and get ejected, but left damage behind. But I will definitely check because viruses can totally disable a browser. i’ve had it happen before. thank you.


            • the updates to Google are automatic as are the updates to Windows 10 which I have on this new computer. My guess is that these viruses are designed to fool the system into thinking they are genuine Google updates. This computer has a LOT of protection built into it. I added Malwarebytes to pick up anything that might otherwise be missed. I’m pretty sure the viruses made an attempt to get in, sort of got in, got tossed out and left some collateral damage. If I were more of an engineer, I could probably figure out exactly what happened, but I’m just a civilian with slightly better than average computer skills, so I can fix more things than many people, but I have definitely limits. When I hit them, I look for help because I know I need it. Fortunately, I know where to find help.


              • Well… that is the true expertise–to know where to go to delegate. They get trickier and tricker. Using someone else’s name as in that Firefox virus is really evil…and if they can send popups, they can say they are whatever they think you want to hear. Are you all straightened out now? Hope so. I seem to be. No more popups taking over my calendar.


      • “forgottenman seems to have solved my problems by having me download, install, and run Malwarebytes on my Mac. (He’s a PC guy, but he can do some Mac stuff.) I’m guessing you’re running regular virus scans. (I use free Avast, also recommended by forgottenman.)”


        • Just so you know, reran Malwarebytes and there was nothing. But i think there may have been and in the process of removing it, other things got removed too. Because the center of the storm was definitely Chrome and it took almost an hour on the phone with Google tech support (yes, it exists and I have the phone number!!) to get it working again. And this was after the guys at spent just as much time helping me to restore my permissions and certificates which were either wrong or missing. So something happened, though I still think the dogs had something do with it. Sneaky devils.


    • No, the protests do not seem to be helping at all. And all of this for a pipeline that is going to destroy some of the last pure water in the country. Not to mention trashing sacred burial grounds and other tribal lands. Greed. It’s always about money. I used to think it was really about race, but I think when there’s gold or oil or precious metals involved, everything else is immaterial. Just follow the money. It always matters. People matter only if they are rich.

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  3. Came across this today in my email inbox, one of a couple of newsletters I get.
    This one is called The Shift Catalyst. I wanted to just share the parts that connected to this post but don’t know how so will try to link it this way. I am so impacted and always learn more from a short video. Both of these really gt to me.


  4. I’ve been following this closely for months. My worry — and I’m sure everyone shares it — is that this pause is just that — an intermission. There’s so much big money invested in this pipeline (and Trump himself has a huge investment in at least one of the backers), I don’t see these powerful corporations losing. Corporations this powerful NEVER lose. They may bide their time until the furor dies down, but they don’t give in and they never, ever give up. I grieve not only for the Native people whose rights and traditions are being (as usual) trampled, but for all of us because these corporations will not rest until none of us have clean air, water, or even soil in which to grow things. They will destroy the earth and when they are finished, they will try to find another planet to rape.


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