1. Yes. Yes. And Huntley and Brinkley. Those two guys figured out the Cuban Missile Crisis before JFK had acted. He asked them to stay quiet about it and they did.


      1. I am forever grateful that I grew up with some of the legendary newsmen. Murrow, Cronkite, Sevareid, etc.

        I’m fortunate to have learned from and WORKED with some of them. My working years encompassed radio news, the growth of TV News and the eventual Network/Entertainment division butchering of news as journalism.

        We had a great ride.


        1. Leslie, Uncle Walter was a nice fella off camera. He used some pretty salty language in talking about the “suits” we all battled for truth, justice and the American way. It was somehow off-setting to hear we had the same issues. Truth has always been an endangered species. We played on a more leveled ball field.

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          1. You know one gets a sense about these guys. I think most people felt is was the real thing. They trusted him and believed what he said.
            There’s a whole other chapter, Garry. You saw a side of Cronkite that we can only imagine.

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            1. Again, you are right. Leslie, you’re becoming my Max Perkins. I think I could more easily write a piece about personal/social memories of the news legends. More fresh in my mind. I haven’t forgotten the Alcott-Hepburn suggestion. Thanks, again, Leslie.

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      1. I wouldn’t mind being up there. But since I hate to fly, maybe they can drug me or put me into hyper sleep for however long it takes to get there!


      2. Uncle Walter loved talking about space exploration the way I do about baseball. We used to swap stories about baseball heroes. I loved his accounts of Babe Ruth.


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