A panoply is an impressive display. The inference is that it’s a man-made display, though I suppose you could interpret it as the trees in Autumn, or a double rainbow anywhere. I thought in this case, the lights at night on a special tree-lighting evening on Cape Cod might just do the trick!


22 thoughts on “A PANOPLY OF LIGHTS”

  1. On my way home from shopping this evening, I saw a house that took my breath away. Not a lot of lights, just around each window and the outside lines of the house, lights around the perimeter of the lawn, and a couple of lighted trees out in front. But the effect was spectacular. Very tastefully done. And me without my camera! Damn.


    1. We went into town to take some pictures and it was First Night (I thought it was tomorrow), so we went out for dinner. Not up for a parade, but the lights are really pretty. We have a few lights that you can see from the street, but they are actually INSIDE. And I don’t take them down in the summer. I just turn them off and they are part of the curtains.

      I love the lights. I love the decoration. What I don’t love is the hyped up pressure to spend money and be happy.


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