My poor overworked dogs need to catch a little relaxation whenever they can. It’s amazing how many hours a day our pets can sleep. I’m told dogs, on the average, sleep between 21 and 23 hours a day. The remaining two or three hours are devoted to begging for treats, eating, and barking.


I participate in WordPress' Weekly Photo Challenge 2016

I participate in WordPress’ Weekly Photo Challenge 2016

55 thoughts on “RELAX LIKE A DOG, NAP LIKE A CAT

  1. Dogs sleep 21-23 hours a dayπŸ˜‚ That’s so funny, tho my dog is soo hype all the time and usually just wants to play a lot and eat a lot. She doesn’t sleep 21 hours, but when I’m not home she might be sleeping just as much (cuz what else can she do without me). I like this post! And the pictures are very cute!


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  6. I’m going to have to try that sometime…. sleep for 21 hours in one day. I can do 12 if I’m really, really zonked out… and even then, my back feels like a crumbled statue’s after laying in bed that long…


    • That’s my problem too. I could sleep more, but they’d have to bring in the jaws of life to extract me from the bed. After about 7 hours, the need to move before I fuse into a solid lump exceeds my desire to sleep. This NEVER stops our pets. They can ALWAYS sleep. Ever seen a cat or a dog with insomnia?


  7. 21 to 23 hours per day seems unreal. I can’t say I’ve seen that, as the owner of maybe a dozen dogs in my lifetime. Mine were pretty active. I hear cats sleep about 16.

    Your dogs are adorable though. Poor tired pooches haha


    • oh, defnitely. they roll over, and you go, ‘awwwww” . They snore and you chuckle. Isnt that CUTE. They open one eye and look at you, the tail thumps and they drift off and you are in hysterics. Been there, still am.
      Had a small money cat at one point who used to sleep under the light on the kitchen table. On her back, paws doing that dog paddle thing, slowly, drifting. I could watch that forever.


  8. i know Morrie and Diego would be great at sofa lounging, but alas, they are limited to the deck chairs. Morrie likes to claim everything in the way he knows best, and I fear my furniture as well as our noses would suffer for it. So sorry, Diego, you usually have to abide by the same rules as your little borther.


    • Poor babies! Only deck chairs? What suffering! Somehow, I think they will survive the torture. Morrie is neutered, isn’t he? Usually eventually they stop marking once the hormones fade. It took just a few months with Gibbs.

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      • He was neutered a year ago. It is peeing and pooping that he does indiscriminately–wherever he happens to be. He prefers the terrace to the grass, actually. And the odor is BO, not spraying. And unlike any other doggie odor I’ve every experienced. Neither of the other dogs was odiferous and kept themselves groomed to the point where they never even looked or smelled like they needed a bath.


          • How often do you bathe them? I was told Scotties shouldn’t be bathed too often. He loves jumping in the pool, however, unlike the other dogs. He uses the ball as an excuse. (He throws it in of course and if I don’t retrieve it fast enough, he jumps in and retrieves his own ball!


            • Two or three times a year. We take them to the groomer. Gibbs gets really spooked and needs at least two people to keep him from freaking out and Bonnie just doesn’t like getting wet. This is one of the few things I will pay money I don’t have to get done. Also, my drains thank me for not clogging them with dog hair and dirt.


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    • Obviously. Because the periods between sleep and sleep are short and the periods of deep relaxation are intense and long. Though Bonnie sleeps less than half as much as Gibbs. In fact, she sleeps less than any dog I’ve ever had. I think she’s got an excess of something. She’s awake most of the day while Gibbs is sacked out.

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    • And don’t forget the racing up and down along the fence while barking at delivery people … or any vehicle in the driveway. Bonnie doesn’t bother with the whole running up and down while barking anymore. Now that she has Gibbs, she tells him what to do and he does it. They have divided their responsibilities. Bonnie watches. Gibbs runs and barks.

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