My best friend, when I was a kid, had many boyfriends. She also had a favorite song and whenever she was “in love,” it became “their song.” Otherwise, it was merely “her” song.

“Sacred” by the Castells is one of those non memorable songs from the 1960s. Songs like this were the meat and potatoes of pop radio. Shows like American Bandstand played them all. Easy to dance to, with a simple melody. Anyone with even the hint of a voice could sing along. The Castellsย didn’t have great voices either. Listening to the song now makes me wince.

My friend also was just a bit dyslexic, so as often as not, she wrote that her favorite song was “Scared.” Perhaps there was a message there. So now, without further ado, here’s SCARED BY THE CASTELLS!



    1. The video is straight off YouTube. I wasn’t in the mood to get philosophical with sacred, but I did remember that the song was my girlfriend Carol’s favorite. “Her” song. AND that she couldn’t spell ๐Ÿ™‚


  1. oh god I can remember this. almost word for word. And it’s every bit as awful as I remember. It was sort of the beach boy type era with schmaltz thrown in for effect. thank you Marilyn, Ill be humming this for at least two days…did you notice the unlabeled bottles on the album cover? I think we were supposed to think, “soft drink” but the color looks a lot closer to “beer”.


    1. It’s American, so I’m betting beer. This song is the ultimate in absolutely average. When I found it on YouTube, there were all these swoony comments about what a WONDERFUL song it was and I was thinking “Are we listening to the same song?”


  2. Like Satan and Santa. Saint, stain and satin. I remembered this song when I played it. Back in the whoa-oh-oh days. My dad, who was in charge of the car radio buttons, hated this kind music, so I didn’t hear it often. It sounds very sweet and innocent now. And forgettable.


    1. I was deep into my “I’m going to be a concert pianist” phase, so I had only a tangential acquaintance with pop music. But everybody else played it everywhere all the time, so unless you were a complete hermit, you got to recognize the really big hits. Of which this was one. Scared. Definitely scared ๐Ÿ™‚

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    1. Yup. Absolutely The Sound of the late fifties and early sixties. Wasn’t till the Brits that music changed into something very different. People say the sixties, but really, it was the period from about 65 to 70 when the magic happened. Brief, intense, and kind of amazing. But those were also MY years. My favorite years.


    1. Oh, I do. I thought most of the music of the period was stupid. I was a classical music kid, me and my piano. It wasn’t until the Beatles and the rest of the late sixties that music and I synched up. I also liked folk music, mostly, because I had a voice back then and liked to sing.


  3. I listened to this, and it sounded strangely familiar, at least the opening lines. Then I checked out the Beatles’ ” Secret, do you want to know a secret…” and there it is. =)


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