Who is picking these prompts? Martyr? Seriously?

Personally, I don’t know any martyrs. Historically, there’s a lot to choose from but I’m not in the mood to go pluck one from the pages of the past, or pull someone from the fires of the righteous.

I’m no martyr. Whatever sacrifices I may have made on behalf of my beliefs, they never came anywhere near the level of martyrdom. Discomfort or disruption to a normal life do not make you a martyr. Taking care of your kids, working at jobs you don’t like, or struggling to survive? None of these make you a martyr. This is one of those overused words. Along with “awesome,” “resonate,” and the ubiquitous phrase “back in the day.”


“I’m a martyr to housework,” I hear. Really? What strange belief system do you follow?

I am not a martyr. You are not a martyr. I’m willing to stake money on it — neither was your father, mother, or any of your friends. Even if they served in the military or worked in a coal mine. There are other words for that.

English is a wonderful, rich language. We have words for everything, This one is mostly used incorrectly to mean “dedicated,” “dutiful,” “honorable,” “generous,” or “self-sacrificing.” “Martyr” is a pretty specific term. Unless you are in jail and likely to die for your political or religious beliefs, you ain’t no martyr.

Final note: dedicating your life to a cause doesn’t make you a martyr. If they assassinate you because of it (see “Martin Luthor King” for a recent historical example or any saint in whatever registry saints and their deeds are listed), then (maybe) you are a martyr. I think if you don’t die, but they torture you a lot, you might slip into the martyr category. I’d last about 10 seconds under torture. It’s possible that the threat alone would make me spill my guts. Guess I’m lucky I don’t know anything anyone will kill me to learn … nor do I represent anything except me. I may have a big mouth, but no one is going to kill me to make me shut up.

Well, maybe Garry.


NOTE: We are actually going to be gone most of the day, so if I don’t answer your comments, it’s because we aren’t home. I’ll try to get back to the computer when we get back. It might be late.  So today, the cyber-world may have to soldier on without my help.

17 thoughts on “MARTYR? REALLY? AW, C’MON …

  1. I am so with you on today’s prompt. I even Googled it to make sure I was on the right track. Yup. Totally let it go. No time in the morning to think of something snappy. I am no martyr for the cause.


    • Thank you, thank you. I BELIEVE in writing. Also, I know exactly how long it takes me to get dressed, do some makeup and print the directions. I shaved it close, but we got there exactly when we planned and for the first time in three years, did NOT get lost. This is one of those difficult to find places and we are directionally challenged 🙂


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