Do you ever have the feeling that something is going on, but you are totally missing the point? I have felt that way since approximately 2010. That was the year my off-the-rails life tipped over and rolled into the gully.

“What just happened?” I asked the world. As usual, the world had nothing to say, so I’ve been more or less puzzled by everything ever since. It isn’t merely that my health went massively down hill between 2010 and 2014.


It’s also people I thought I knew behaving strangely. I realize some of us have reached an age where dementia is creeping in around the edges, but these are smart people with advanced degrees suddenly passing around Facebook memes. And look who we elected? If that isn’t proof there’s been a significant cultural disconnect, I don’t know what might be.

So what am I missing? Something is going on that didn’t used to be going on … or something isn’t going on that should be going on. One way or the other, I am definitely missing “it.”

Then, if I look hard at the world, I think maybe whatever I’m missing, I’m better off. Knowing what’s going on doesn’t always make me feel better.


13 thoughts on “WHAT AM I MISSING?

  1. I got rid of my TV years ago and unsubscribed from the newspapers. I try really, really hard to not get sucked into the Facebook cesspool of misinformation and uncivilized commentary. If we don’t know what we’re missing, that’s maybe a blessing.


    • I am think you are probably right. If we weren’t so addicted to cop shows, old movies, and baseball, we wouldn’t need a TV. But we don’t get out much, so TV is our not-so-guilty pleasure. Anyway, there isn’t a lot to do here in the country, especially not when winter locks you in the house.

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      • I watch programs on my laptop from Netflix. But this way, I have total control of what content I see. It would be nice, though, to watch live sports now and again. Guilty pleasures definitely have their place in the world.


        • My husband is not just a sports fan. He is a passionate, committed BASEBALL fan. If he could not see the games during the season, well … it could get ugly. We spend as much time on streaming Netflix and Amazon as we do on regular TV, maybe more, but Garry was on TV for many years. He watches television as more than a viewer. He watches to see HOW they are doing the news, what effects, editing, delivery. Very differently than I do … and I know more about what’s going on behind the scenes than most civilians. Anyway, TV is what’s left for entertainment. We don’t really travel anymore. We rarely go to restaurants, the theater, or even the movies. Even retired people need entertainment. Pity they don’t give a break to seniors.

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  2. Ive always been very good at ignoring what doesnt touch me directly. Life passes by in a strange, melancholy haze, and now and then I look up, like one of the cats during a nap, with a kind of “WHAT” feeling. And yawn, and go back to sleep.

    Whatever happens out there, with luck, will not touch us too deeply. I figger, at my age, in ten years it really won’t matter all that much. The world is truly coming unglued and I will probably be viewing it from my old age cubicle. Chins up, darlin’, it isnt our problem any longer.

    Without a TV, I miss most of the nonsense. Without CNN I miss the rest. I read the local paper to make sure Im not among the obits, and Im happy for that.

    Time to reread Dickens, I think. It’s been too long. Im discovering how very funny he can be, read in good light.


    • Garry reads the obits. He says the same thing, to make sure he isn’t among them.

      Fortunately, you don’t HAVE to watch the news and we are on a news timeout. I just can’t stand it and I figure if it all goes down the tube, I’ll be gone before there’s no air, water, or personal freedom. But I do think a higher regard for facts vs. lies might help the world find its way back to something I recognize. Just a wee bit of reality for the reality-challenged.


  3. I think you’re up to speed on the important stuff.
    I’m not sure I want intimate details on the new Presidential administration. I don’t find the bizarre choices funny in the least.


    • That’s a better way to look at it. I have felt that i am increasingly out of step with whatever is going on in the world, but I’m not sure that’s a bad thing. I think you’re onto something, my friend.


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