So. I could post one of the thousands of sunrises, sunsets, ocean and mountain and forest vistas. But really? This year, I’m going to learn to really play the ukulele. Yup. I have a goal other than mere survival. I’m going to actually learn to play that instrument, or at least, strum it and sound like I know what I’m doing. Not going for concert quality. Just basic musical competence.


I participate in WordPress' Weekly Photo Challenge 2016
I participate in WordPress’ Weekly Photo Challenge 2016

47 thoughts on “I’LL BE A STRUMMING FOOL IN 2017”

      1. I know you’ll be be better than Tiny Tim who we just saw on an old “Laugh In”. Golly, he was so TERR’ble.
        All together now, “Tip toe through the tulips…..”


    1. Do you live around here????? Because that actually sounds like fun and I never think anything sounds like fun. Ukes are SO easy to play. If you aren’t tone deaf and you have all 10 fingers, you can learn in a few hours to sound not too bad.

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        1. If you have any kind of ear and all you fingers, ukuleles are the easiest. You can sound pretty good in a few hours. Being REALLY good obviously takes longer, but if you like to sing, strumming a ukulele is a great accompaniment. It’s also small, light, very portable … and you can get a pretty nice one for less than $100. A really superb one is another story. Of course.


    2. Lois, Marilyn and I could be the new Les Paul and Mary Ford with roles reversed. I could sing “There’s A Goldmine In The Sky” and we’d rocket to the top of the charts.

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    1. Cordelia, by jove – great idea. A music video of Mar and Gar. I’d bring back classics like “My Mother’s Eyes”, “Love Letters In The Sand” and “The Old Lamplighter”.
      We’ll put Uxbridge on the map!!

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    1. I used to know this, but I would have had to look. Since I sold the piano, I had to get an electronic tuner, which is weird. I always tuned the first string to the piano note, then tuned the rest by ear. Not having the piano to work from, it’s a new world. I still may be a tuning fork, though. Just for the G. I can find the rest.

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          1. That is what happened to my first violin. It never stayed in tune. I took it back and asked for an older one that had been used a lot. It keeps tune beautifully.


      1. So true, if we are not uncomfortable then we have not made strides out of our comfort zone. Hoping you somehow include sampling as you progress, no matter what level you achieve. That is truly something different. Looking forward to your progress in 2017. #NoPressure


    1. I was afraid someone would ask me that. My intentions are honorable, but like many intentions, unless frequently reminded, they have a tendency to slip away. I guess I still need my mom to remind me to practice “You don’t go out to play until you’ve practiced the piano!” 🙂


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