Black & White Sunday: Artificial Light

Wang Theater, Boston, night
Wang Theater, Boston, night
Schubert Theater, Boston, night
Schubert Theater, Boston, night

My favorite place for shooting at night is downtown and it’s perfect if there has recently been rain. A light sheen of rain will reflect the neon and the street lamps. This is Boston’s theater district on a Sunday night.


    1. It’s that part of town. Old buildings, cobblestone streets. And of course, the rain. It always looks like an old movie when you have that rain slicked street. It also makes great reflections. I think I used that 20mm lens for all of these.


    1. I love this part of town. Lots of wonderful old building next to very modern building … and cobblestone streets. Especially I love it at night. There’s something about night and cobblestones and neon — even in black & white 🙂


  1. I had a feeling you would be posting, or more precisely I was hoping for your entry knowing that artificial light would not pose any problems, but Marilyn, honestly I did not expect to see such a gorgeous shot of the street with Schubert Theater. Glistening wet pavement and city lights and tranquility. Really lovely.


    1. Thanks Paula. I have several files full of these pictures which I downloaded and have never processed. It was nice to have something new to show. I do love that part of town, the juxtaposition of old and new and the cobblestones. The rain is a BIG plus for a photographer 🙂


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