14 thoughts on “WHITE ON WHITE”

  1. It’s completely the opposite here – “unseasonably warm” is the term being used (the temperature is well into double figures). Everyone’s switching the heating back off and discarding layers of clothing…

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          1. Yeah, apart from the almost constant fog, mist and drizzle 🙂
            We’ve had one good half-day (yesterday morning) since the weather warmed up. I rushed out and washed the car.


    1. So far, there’s not much happening here. We live in a funny spot, meteorologically-speaking. Sometimes storms miss us entirely, even when they hit places just a few miles away. For example, we are the only place I know of in this area that didn’t get hit by Hurricane Sandy. On the other hand, we sometimes get storms NOBODY else gets. I guess we’ll know in the morning.

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      1. The snow has stopped. We got about 5″and it is wet and heavy to shovel. There have been a lot of car accidents too, because of it. I hope it misses you. It’s just one more winter torture no one needs.


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