Violence broke out this afternoon as Gibbs, determined to show his dominance of all stuffed toys, tore open the … um … butt end of Mr. Squirrel. I rescued the poor creature before Gibbs could finish him off. I need to find a needle and thread and sew him up. Meanwhile, squirrel is hiding out in my former office, now the room where the luggage is stored.

Before the battle ... the rank and file
Before the battle … the rank and file

He won’t be lonely since that room is home to at least a dozen dolls, all of whom are gracious and welcoming to wounded warrior toys from the now-turned-lethal canine wars.

About to engage ...
About to engage …

Why was Squirrel marked for violence? Was it his fuzzy tail? Why did Squirrel raise the level of competition to violence? Whatever the reason, none of the other toys have been attacked with such fierceness, so even after I repair poor Squirrel, I won’t allow him to return to the battlefield. He is being released from service and sent home on a medical discharge.

Chester Morris and Wallace Beery in The Big House
Chester Morris and Wallace Beery in The Big House

Or, to put it another way, he’s on the permanent Disabled List. Won’t be joining the team for spring training. One more act of violence and Bonnie and Gibbs are looking at serious time in The Big House (1930 MGM crime drama directed by George W. Hill, starring Chester Morris, Wallace Beery, Lewis Stone and Robert Montgomery.)


    1. I removed Squirrel from the basket and they are back to the peaceable kingdom. They don’t act like that with any other toy. JUST the squirrel. Weird how a particular toy becomes the center of the storm, but none of the other toys. Or maybe they’ll nominate another toy next.

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      1. Verbal reprimands don’t seem to be cutting it with Bonnie and Gibbs. They, unfortunately, appear to b e repeat offenders.
        They may need some time in “the cooler”. I think Hilts’ baseball and glove are still in there.


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